help me pick a swing pack

  1. Hi y'all

    I've been planning to get a swing pack for traveling. Just something small to carry around my documents in.
    Which one would you choose:
    hampton swing pack.jpg signature stripe swing pack.jpg
  2. I like the second one.
  3. Signature stripe...:love:
  4. sig stripe
  5. Second one!
  6. I have the sig stripe swing pack in black and I love it -- big enough to hold my wallet, phone, bberry.
  7. i like the first one.
  8. Second one!
  9. another vote for the second one. I like the bigger c's
  10. 2nd one!
  11. the gold on khaki color combo is so pretty in person. I vote for the second one.

    (swing packs are so dang handy...perfect for when you are shopping and want to be hands free...and even better on vacation (disney, other amusement parks, vegas) when you don't want to haul around a big purse)
  12. I like the first's simple & will go w/ everything.
  13. 2nd one
  14. 1st one!
  15. 2nd one!