Help me pick a stripe color!

  1. Ok ladies I need your help! I want to get the signature stripe tote in either gold or orange but my coach store does not have either so I have to order 1 blind! I was thinking orange is fun but I already have an apple green balenciage for a bright bag. Then I was think the gold is nice but I already have a hampton hobo in the gold color. This is a bag for school, just to give you some background. Please help me pick, I dunno how to decide without seeing either in real life!
  2. I am going to the the tote with a crimson stripe for school. In your situtation I would pick gold (but its because I just don't like the color orange.)
  3. I like the blue or the gold color stripe
  4. I love the gold. I saw a girl with one the other day and she had tied the legacy ponytail scarf to it- it looked adorable (and I'm not even a big fan of signature)!
  5. I like the gold better. The gold would be neutral so would go with more and be useful all year round.
  6. I think I kind of know your taste a bit when I see your bags through the forum, and I think you would enjoy the punch better. Gold is always nice, so if you don't like the punch, then go for the gold, can't go wrong with gold.
  7. loving the gold.....but also waiting to see the punch!!
  8. You girls are amazing! I love hearing your thoughts and advice! I was also thinking the punch color but I'm just not sure it will go with the signature pattern well, if that makes sense!
  9. first, the punch is totally tdf! i LOVE it.

    and i like the gold- everytime i see someone with it, i love it a little more...and this is coming from someone who HATES gold!
  10. One more question for those of you who have this bag or have seen it. Is it sturdy? Will it be ok carrying around me notebooks and scholl things all day? Just want to be sure of everything before placing my order!
  11. Oh, if punch is an option then go for punch! It looks so pretty! Someone had a picture of a wristlet in the punch and it was gorgeous! (sorry I can't remember who!)
  12. it's definitely sturdy bit not stiff at's so cute!!!! most others i think have liked the large size..not the large travel's way huge for an everyday bag......but i like the small...and it's large enough for books and things depending on how much you's also very comfortable on the shoulder
    by the way check out the punch color (pink) online and see what you think
    otherwise i still stand by the gold!!!!
  13. I love the Punch color! I have the wristlet and I love it!
  14. depends how much stuff you're carrying around for school. the handles are thick and sturdy- and i don't think too much weight on them is good.

    (i saw the punch in store by accident...totally cute).
  15. I saw the punch on the coach site but I never think those pix are very accurate. Has anyone seen the punch in real life?