Help me pick a spring bag

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  1. Hey ladies and gents there are so many cute bags, I dont know which one i like the most yet, and i do like for me bags to have a 'pop' or be a little 'funky' plz help a sister out!!!!


    (the 1st and last are pic from tPFers)​
  2. i would wait it out for that elisa it's like you i like the "odd bags", the elisa doesnt really fit into that category, but i like it =]
  3. I'd say the most Springy one is the blue Elisa, for sure.
  4. I vote for that Kristin girl it is gorgeous :smile:)), you can always use it with some cute gold or metallic sandals and you're good to go, but that's my IMO, which one are u feeling a lil more than the other?
  5. I vote #1. It's gorgeous.
  6. U r coy miss crystal-d! Using spring as a reason to buy a bag!!! I am so lovingly teasing!! You've had so many spectacular reveals lately!
    Gotta say, I'm partial to the metallic hobo on the bottom. I have the large Audrey with the similar textured pattern(but in gold) , and it is a real pretty texture IRL.
    Be careful I don't come raid your closet!
  7. I like the 1st one alot, but i'am not a gold kinda girl, but i see alot more metallic in it too.
    and the last one, but i have a 2 year old girl, and you cant clean that bag at all.
  8. Haaha,Thanks!!!! I've sold some of bags its time for more!!!!
  9. Love the kristin!!!
  10. then i would def' go more towards the kristin, it's so pretty and now that i look it at closely it does have more metallic in it and it's grogeous i also have a 18 month old and have darker bags for this same reason lol GL! So Lucky :P
  11. I have a 3 year old. She's not aloud to touch my bags. She has a baby sized Hello kitty that looks like a Louis vuitton speedy. It looks so cute on her. Crystal I think I like the blue ELISA for you.
  12. yes, that blue sure is pretty
  13. Oh that Elisa is pretty. Haven't seen it yet....Anyone have price and when it's coming out?

    I vote that one! I want a good size roomy bag for the summer. I bought the Alex tote but was not impressed. I don't like the way it folded in half and collapsed. This might be a good substitute.
  14. I like the Blue, its very pretty.
  15. I'am also thinking about the maggie in EGGSHELL