Help me pick a shoe!

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  1. Some of these aren't available in color/size at the moment but I would like some opinions!

    I can dress very casual as well as dressy. I have been wanting some black pumps for the longest time but would also love some flare to my wardrobe for shoes (valentinos) but can only buy 1 pair at this time. Thoughts would be greatly appreciated!! I'm looking for a staple and something I can wear for years to come with skinny jeans, pencil skirts, high waisted skinnies, mini skirts, dresses, and fancy dinners as well :smile:

    1. CL lady peeps (black patent)
    2. Manolo Blahnik Campy (black or nude)
    3. Valentino Rockstud pumps (blue)
    4. YSL tribute (nude-not avail right now)
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392831654.738687.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392831673.184065.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392831682.149916.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392831687.990713.jpg
  2. i'll pick up the valentino pump. i think it edgy and sexy different than the regular pumps.
  3. Mmm tough choice... I would go for either CL lady peep or Valentino pump. For long term, CL hands down. I have both and am loving them :smile:
  4. CL or Manolo's. Both are classics and timeless.
  5. Thank you!! A few weeks ago my size in the blue was avail but now it's sold out :sad:

  6. Thank you!! I really do love both of them. How comfortable are the lady peeps to you? :smile:

  7. I think they are ok, not very comfortable for long hrs. I got lucky with the blue Val, they were last pair.
  8. I would go for the Manolo in black patent as very practical, not as flash as some of the others, so can easily go from work to night out. Manolo are very comfortable for wearing for several hours whereas CLs are not. If you want a bit of edge just go for the higher 105 or 115 heel. They are a classic style so will be wearing them for years to come.
  9. My vote is for the YSLs. They add just the right amount of interest to a look (not too flashy, not too plain) while never going out of style. The Louboutins look kind of beastly to me (they do nothing to accentuate the foot), the Valentinos will probably go out of style soon (and you'll be stuck with an unfashionable $1000 shoe), and the Manolos are boring. Besides, I've seen better Mary Janes out there.
  10. Thank you everyone for your opinions! It's so hard to choose now since everyone has different opinions lol! Keep them coming :smile:

  11. Thank you! Was wondering what other Mary Janes you've seen out there that you liked? Would be interested to see! :smile: for some odd reason I'm not into MJ's but he manolos really stuck out to me!
  12. I'd go for the Valentino ! I'm absolutely in love with that style and it's really unique without being over the top.

    Ooh! Or the Saint Laurents. Love those too!
  13. From what you have post Valentinos would be my choice, I find peep toes dated, they were cool a few years ago, now I can't stand them!! Mary Janes don't go with everything, imo, a basic pump like BBs would be a lot better choice, imo.
  14. Here are Louboutin MJ's (I'm sure these look great on the foot):

    And here are some seriously unconventional yet totally awesome MJ's by Jimmy Choo:
  15. Louboutins :heart: I have them and love them!!!