Help me pick a school bag...going to LV on Sat.!!

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  1. Hi all! Well, yes, even though I'm graduating on May 18th...I will be headed back to school on July 2nd to start my next phase!! So, I'll be going to a different school now where I will need to walk sort of far to the buildings. I will need to carry with me 1 notebook and 2 books, umbrella, small pochette for personal stuff, and couple of other things.

    I was thinking of the Lockit Horizontal, the Batignolles Horizontal or the Saleya MM or GM, for this use.

    What do you guys think? Which one would be best? Or should I go for some other kind of LV for school? Does anyone here use a big LV for school?

    Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. I would go for the lockit horizontal, the bat. is great but a lot of people have it and I like to be different. The Saleyas are great, you cant go wrong with one of those, I would do the GM if I chose a Saleya. I was hoping you were going to say the MC Aurella MM or how about the Beverly GM pretty close in size to the saleya GM...
  3. ^^I was looking at the Beverly GM, but I don't know if say an 8 1/2" x 11" notebook would fit in it??

    No MC I don't think, cause I'll want to use this year round. And we have looong winters!! LOL!!
  4. The GM is 16.9 X 9.8 X 7.3

    it should fit lol
  5. Hey Traci - I'm back! I have the Saleya MM with the longer handles, I use it for work and I love it! You can fit a ton of stuff in it, and no vachetta to worry about.

    Congrats on your graduation!

  6. I love the Batignolles and the Saleya! Not a fan of the lockit in horizontal form though.
  7. I`m med student and I use the Saleya GM for heavy days (which is most of the time now) and BH for light days

    EDIT: I wanna add that I wouldn`t use anything more expensive than 1500$ because school is a REALLY messy and dirty place. This way i won`t worry as much. I really don`t care about my BH or Saleya GM and let them roll on the floor, go through ice storms, rain...etc. so ya... MC aurelia GM is not a good idea imo...
  8. I think the Beverly GM is a GREAT option; I would definitely get this bag if I didn't already have two monogram bags just for uni...

    For uni I use the monogram Multipli-Cite, but nowadays it's been the monogram Keepall 45...the former bag is too small for my needs now :sad:
  9. I vote Saleya GM I love the look of those bags and they look like they can take a beating heh.
  10. I'd go with the Saleya GM. :yes:
    Also, it depends on what size your books are. The BH is nice but it holds probably 3 thinner bound (not spiral) notebooks and the rest of your accessories. If you need room for textbooks then a Saleya GM or even Mezzo would be better for that use.
  11. Yea, I'm thinking the Saleya GM would be really practical because of the "no vachetta" and it's big enough.

    I don't know if I want to be too practical though. LOL!

    I am gonna check out that Beverly GM too! The mezzo is a good idea too!

    What do you guys think about some kind of messenger bag?
  12. Although, I already have the Saleya PM and don't know if I want two of the same style.
  13. how about the new mono bags, neverfull?? those seems good, they're kinda open not sure how secure your stuff will be.

    I would choose LH, you're pretty careful with your bags so I don't think you'd have a problem, but if you're worried about vachetta, then Saleya MM or GM
  14. Messengers are okay for me, the only thing that bothers me is that they can't fit much (compared to for eg. Saleya GM). So if you need to stick in an extra sweatshirt, waterbottle, or other things, then I don't think messenger bags will be able to fit all of them....:shrugs:
  15. Oh! What about the Beverly GM?? It's so cute! If not, I'd go w/ the Saleya!
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