Help me pick a RM Color!


What color (silver hardware) RM?

  1. Elephant

  2. Espresso

  3. Dark Grey

  4. Glazed Almond

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have been lurking on all the RM threads since October and going back and forth, trying to decide what to get and in what color and size. First I was Nikki, then matinee, now I think I have finally settled on MA (or MAM, I'll take either at this point). Now...

    What color? I really don't like gold hardware, which leaves me with elephant, espresso, chestnut (which I think is the same as espresso?), dark grey, or glazed almond (black is out). So...what to get???

    I wear a lot of black so dark grey would match well, but I have no brown bags which makes me lean to espresso. Then I think the elephant is a great color but have heard bad things about the leather. Glazed almond is an option that probably goes with browns and blacks...but is it kind of orangey IRL? Or is the color more like the one on the language site? Aaahhh!

    Please help me decide!
  2. Dark gray or expresso!

    A lot of people seemed to dislike elephant.
  3. Glazed espresso or regular? If glazed, then my vote goes to that. It has a hint of burgundy (or warm-ish red?) to it and looks fantastic with black.
  4. Hmmm, I would pick either the Dark Grey or the "Glazed" Espresso. Both are such pretty colors : )
  5. Do you know if glazed espresso comes in silver hardware? I think I've only seen it in gold at the online shopping sites I've scoped out...
  6. I haven't seen the glazed espresso in the silver hardware. But with that color, I think it looks better with the gold hardware. Now the dark grey looks smashing with the silver hardware.
  7. missypoo...I seem to remember (from my lurking!) that you had a glazed almond but sent it back. What did you think of the color?
  8. I love the dark gray and am seriously considering one myself. I had a glazed almond and I thought the color was very caramelly (is that a word?).
  9. I have a soft spot for elephant. There's one on sale for $450 on LunaBoston but I went for basic black instead. Kellykapoor posted pics of her elephant MA and it's a unique color.
  10. I saw that, plus with 20% off code it's $360!! But then I don't want to get it just because it's a great deal, I have done that waaaaay too often.
  11. I like the dark grey best with silver. The silver hardware really compliments the dark grey leather since it both has similar cool tones in them.

    I think that chestnut, espresso, glazed almond have warmer tones, so the gold hardware goes perfectly with these colors more than silver.

    elephant looks a bit grey/pink to me...really like an elephant...
  12. Do they let you use the code on a sale item? Because I might have to adopt an elephant (if you don't get it). I love weird grayish-brown colors.

    I ordered the black studded MA from Gracie's of Birmingham but I'm worried it'll be boring. RM has such great colors, seems a waste to get one in plain black.
  13. Yes, I did have the Glazed Almond Matinee but sold it. It was a pretty color and all, but then I ordered the Dark Grey Matinee and loved that color much better. Here is a pic of it:

  14. Dark grey, definitely!
  15. honestly- I love eggplant! After that glazed almond and elephant.