Help me pick a personal color scheme

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Pick a color pallette plz!

  1. Noir & Vermillion

  2. Noir & Rouge H

  3. Noir & Orange

  4. Noir & Turquoise

  5. Noisette & Turquoise

  6. Noisette &Vermillion

  7. Gold & Brighton Bleu

  8. Gold & Turquoise

  9. Etoupe & Turquoise

  10. Etoupe & Orange

  11. Etoupe & Brighton Bleu

  12. Etoupe & Vermillion

  13. Etoupe & Rouge H

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Ok goign form the perfectionist thread lol, i want my personal color palette for H accessories. Note, this is just for my accessories that sit together in my bag or pocket i.e. things that are seen together e.g. wallet, agenda, coin purse, pencil case, CC holder, etc. Not accessories like belts or bracelets where anythign goes depending on the outfit, So did we get the brief lol? I want a group pallet so all these items can match nicely, preferably a neutral and a pop color which complement each other. this is more about fining a group of colors than specifics, i don't mind an array of (complementary) blue hues and grey tones. KWIM?

    Anyway here are a few i have thought up, they look much better if you cover up the surrounding samples and look at each one solely. Please give any other suggestions as i woudl like to hear your thoughts, keep in mind I'm a guy so on the unisex-masculine side so no lilacs or fushias lol.

    TIA everyone:

  2. OPPS forgot an 'other' option on the poll, please post instead and its a multiple option poll too
  3. Noisette and turquise from me!
  4. noir and rouge H , love the drama, lol.
  5. etoupe and rouge h.

    lovely and rich, but subtle enough, solo, and amazing together
  6. Noisette and turqoiuse look gorgeous together!!!!
  7. I voted for noir and orange...both classics and the orange will definitely POP against the black!
  8. Etoupe & Rouge H.....Oy! Is That Gorgeous Together:yes:
  9. Hi P! I've Missed You ~ So Good To See You Here!!!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  10. Black and Rouge H!
  11. I like the classic look of rouge h with etoupe year round, and for spring/summer noisette with turquoise! Fun Poll!
  12. what about either blue jean and ardoise (or graphite) or orange (maybe potiron) and ardoise (or graphite). something different but still masculine.
  13. wait! what about barenia and an orange like potiron? (i can never think of other orange names). that would be fabulous!
  14. I like black and rough H. :smile:
  15. Orange and black!!love the intensity of the contrast.