Help me pick a new wallet!!

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  1. Hey all!

    I'm a recent convert to LV from Gucci so I'm after a new wallet!! :smile:

    Any suggestions? I'm thinking either a zippy or the french purse... but there are so many choices... do I go with mono, vernis, damier?!

    What are you guys carrying??
  2. Excellent decission getting an LV wallet ~ I love their wallets! :love:

    Here are mine (with a few MIA's) ... my favorites are the Zippy's, Sarah (pochette wallet) and the French Purse!

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  3. id go with the zippy over the french purse. what line do you want your wallet in?
  4. I have the MC zippy in black and LOVE it! Holds everything and isnt too bulky.
  5. SweetPurple - I :heart::heart::heart::heart: your collections! such gorgeous pieces! I wish my fiance would move his stuff out of our closet so that I'd have more space!! hehe
  6. I LOVE my Mono Eugenie, but not at today's price! Thank goodness I bought it quite awhile ago. I need lots of card holders and it has 12, I think.
  7. well, i'm thinking something in damier ebene or MC since i don't have any bags from those lines yet
  8. Zippy!!!! I prefer vernis.
  9. Vernis French Purse!!!!!!
  10. Zippy in Vernis is gorgeous and my 1st choice! I have the Pomme (red) color and am in love with it..still after 2 years! Also, the amarante color is beautiful as well.
  11. I would so buy a vernis sarah!
  12. i love my mono eugenie, but i think the pochette and zippy's are great too. i personally love the vernis, but they are great in any line :smile: each wallet has a pro and con depending on what u need to carry in it. i needed a bunch of credit card slots which is why i went for eugenie...let us know what u decide!
  13. Hi, I am currently carrying the accordeon wallet, I like that fact that I can attach its chain on the wallet's d-ring and use it as a clutch which comes in handy for those quick dashes to the store! I think my next one will be something with more color though. I love LV wallets, it best to select a wallet at the store though this way you can feel it in the hand. I am actually pickier when purchasing LV wallets than their handbags. Some members say the vernis is high mantenance, however, others swear its not. I personally think the vernis colors are gorgeous as well as the epi. I also like the graphite brazza even though its part of the men's collection. There are so many to choose from. I did use to own the french wallet and it too can serve as a evening clutch (its so darn cute), mine was the older model with fewer credit cards slots which is why I sold it; however, the newer models have the credit card slots on both sides. The zippy wallet is probably one of the most popular styles on the forum, it too could also serve as a clutch if need be. Good luck in your search and let us know what you get!
  14. I love my MC Koala