Help me pick a new perfume

  1. It's time for a new perfume....I want to try something new but am not sure where to start...

    what I've recently used....

    Estee Lauder-Azzure (finishing up now)
    Isse Miyake
    Lovely (getting really sick of)

  2. Do you usually go for sweet or floral or spicy scents?
  3. i would like a floral, i think :smile:
  4. have you smelled marc jacobs daisy? i would recommend that smells really nice!
  5. These are a few that I have and LOVE

    Dolce light blue
    Eau De Cartier
    Vera Wang
    Chanel Chance
    Miss Dior
  6. Have you tried Sephora's Fragrance Finder? It might help narrow the field down a little more. They have a section just for Floral scents too.
  7. I highly recommend Marc Jacobs Daisy!! I just got it and it smells heavenly!!!
  8. I'm a huge fan of florals! Been meaning to give Stella McCartney's Rose Absolute a try. Check it out, and tell me how you like it!
  9. Definetly try the fragrance finder on sephora.
    Have you tried:
    Miss Dior Cherie
    Jadore - Dior
    Light Blue -D&G
    Armani Mania Summer
    Versace bright crystal
  10. what does armani diamonds smell like

    i want to try marc jacobs daisy...i've had the regular marc jacobs in the past, it was soooo good
  11. I just got a little paper sample of Emporio Armani Diamonds and it does smell great!

    Simseema...that sounds familiar. Did you used to post on the Student Doctor Network??
  12. Chanel Chane (the green one)


    Marc Jacob Daisy (smells soooooooo good I wanna get it, has a cute bottle too!)

  13. yep, that was me :blush:
  14. Have you tried any of the Bond No. 9 fragrances? I went to Saks recently and they had a bunch of them to try. I fell in love with Scent of Peace. I'd say it's floral and very delicate. Give it a try! Also, Paul Smith's Floral is very nice. It's another favorite of mine...
  15. My new favorite is Estee Lauder Private Collection TUBERROSE GARDENIA, not to be confused with the original PC (which is lovely as well, but not as special as the new one). It was created by Arrin Lauder and is rather new and being sold in limited stores (Saks, Neiman Marcus).