HELP me pick a new LV please


LV Lover:)
Feb 2, 2009
Hi ready for a new one. Please help me pick. I am thinking about a Manhattan GM. My dream bag is a Mahina XL but have to wait:sad: Here is my collection right now

Trevi Gm, Saleya MM Azur, Mono speedy 35,Mono speedy 30, Deauville Mono, Deauville Damier, Cabas Mezzo Mono, Cabas Mezzo Damier, Griet Mono, Musette GM, Tivoli GM, Galliera PM, Palermo PM, Speedy 35 Damier, Speedy 35 Azur, Speedy 35 Monogramouflage, Speedy 35 Brown WC, Speedy 30 MC white, Speedy 30 MC black, Speedy 30 black Mirage, Speedy 30 Graffiti pink, Viva-Cite Gm, Multipli-Cite, I had the Beverly GM Mono but sold it because I didn't like the handles. So as if I need another one! I got the SC bag but it is to much like the mono Speedy 35 IMO. Please help me pick one.:biggrin: Thanks