Help me pick a new love, LV Sistina PM or Cabas Rrivington tote?

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  1. I have a bag dilemma (I know you all love those!!)

    I am torn between the LV Cabas Rivington Tote;


    And the Sistina PM;​


    Both are durable and low maintenance bags, I need them for everyday use.​

    The Cabas Rivington can be worn 2 ways which is fab, but the Sistina is a stunner. However, I have heard that the straps on the PM are stiff and can the bag be worn on the shoulder comfortably?​

    The prices are similiar, not a big difference, but I do want to choose something that will suit my figure and skintone. OPINIONS! :nuts:

    Here is a picture of me, I am 5 ft 2" for reference;​

  2. i say the Cabas!
  3. Hi, I like both but the Rivington is really nice and perhaps a little more popular here. Great pics too! G/L
  4. The cabas :biggrin: