Help me pick a new digital camera!

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  1. Mine is currently on loan and don't know when I'll be geting it back. Since mine was rather old to begin with I figure now is a good time to update and a great excuse to go shopping. I don't want anything bulky, but one on the smaller side that I can carry with me everywhere. I'm thinking my budget would be no more than $450.

    I had a canon and thought it worked ok, but have also entertained the idea of buying a sony. What do you all have, use, or recommend? :shame:
  2. It depends on your needs.
    I had a NIkon Coolpix that was s o o o o s l o w!
    I wanted a camera small enough to throw in my bag and that was really quick.
    Also important to me was battery life, that Nikon sucked the life from batteries in about an hour :sad:

    I chose the Fuji F10 and LOVE it! It's cheap IMO, you can pick one up for $185.
    It's nice and quick from turning it on and it being ready to downtime between snapping photos.
    Also, the battery is AMAZING!
    One battery lasted me a whole week in the Bahamas a couple of weeks ago!
    Mine is 6.3 megapixels. . . I'm sure they have a newer updated version as mine's a year old now.
    I used to be a Canon only girl, but the reviews sold me on this one and I decided to try it, I'm SO glad I did!
  3. Thank you swanky mama! Will look that one up and then I'll be able to post some pics of my new bbag :P hehe!
  4. Hmmm.... I bought a Sony Cybershot DSC-H1 at around Christmas time for $500? The price went down majorly now and is at $300? It takes GREAT pics, comes with rechargable batteries and charger, and only uses 2 batteries!!!

    Below are some sample pics I took of AFI at Warped Tour this year [I was standing about 30 feet away]... Just to give you an idea as to what this camera's zoom can do. ;)
    DSC02818.JPG DSC02843.JPG DSC02817.JPG DSC02859.JPG
  5. Crap. I just re-read you don't want anything bulky... :sad: Here's a pic of the cam:

  6. Thanks much for your responses! Jm might go with a sony, but am really considering the sony cybershot dsc that slim design! Great photos of the warped tour
  7. oh that's OK, love that you posted those pic's!
  8. i have a nikon coolpix 4500. it's AWESOME!!! the battery is great, it can took great pics, the close up shots are great, can take detail on bag's zipper.
    but it's quite bulky.
  9. Nikon S6. It's fast, it's got WIFI so you can just send photos to a computer without wires, plus it's incredible Nikon quality ! :biggrin:
  10. the canon ixus 750 is great for just throwing in your bag, it weighs barely anything and it's pretty small. but i want a dslr too :shame:
  11. The only thing I can recommend is go with a company that specializes in cameras. We bought an HP 2 years ago and we've had several different problems with it. When it works, it's great but I have had many people tell me if you get a camera get it from the camera people. We're going to be getting a Kodak digital. Good luck.
  12. I was thinking about getting something from Sony. I went to the sony store and they had a lot of very small cameras for under $400
  13. I have a Nikon coolpix L4 - I love it.
  14. I always go to cnet reviews when I have something narrowed down. My BF works for Canon, so I only use Canon (it also helps that we get discounts). Canon SDs are small and cute so check those out they have lots in different price ranges. Meaning the older versions vs the newer versions.