Help me pick a new bag!

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  1. Help me pick a new bag for Christmas! less than $100

    one of my picks:
    DKNY on sale at elux for $79

    I'd like something secure, with a flap or a top zip, and cross body

  2. uhkiwi, I'm going to be honest - I'm not feeling that DKNY bag (style or colour). I think you could get a much prettier bag for $100...
  3. thanks ladies (esp passerby!). I think I'm looking for a solid rather than a print and probably leather
  4. Don't do the first DKNY. I just saw that bag when I was out and about. It feels terrible and the material seemed to attract alot of dust and dirt.

    If you want leather and the "name" aspect, DKNY does have some nice baby soft leathers on sale. I saw a few at Marshalls and I believe there are a few online. I'll try and track down a few for ya.

  5. DKNY makes some nice bags, but I am not a fan of the Urban Fusion line. I prefer their calf leather bags. I don't even think that particular DKNY bag can be worn cross-body. According to Elux, the straps only have a 12" drop. You'd have to be pretty damn tiny to fit that across your body, and I don't know how comfortable it would be.
  6. I predict this thread will morph into the much needed Cheap Bags II!

    Vlad said he will make us a subforum, but my speculation is that some technical difficulties they had the other day may have pushed many things back some....
  7. ArmCandyLuvr, the Hype bag is really cute! :love: anyone know about Hype quality?

    I really like the Vacchetta color but I was looking for a zip top...hrmm
  8. uhkiwi, I agree with you, that Hype bag looks cute. CompassRose has some lovely, reasonably-priced Hype bags.