Help me pick a new bag - Please vote and give advice

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Which oen would you pick

  1. Avalon MM (Amarante)

  2. Mick MM

  3. Ballade PM (Fusian)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. The time has come - Tuesday night I will be parting with the Tivoli PM and selecting a new bag. While sipping the champagne, I tried on a bunch of bags. So here are the three in the running and they are all completely different:

    Avalon MM in Amarante - Pros: Cute shape and I lack Amarante. Cons: may not be dressy enough for evenings and not big enough for daytime.

    Mick PM - Pros: Looked really cute on me and I lack a black casual bag. Seems like a great travel bag and iPad fits inside. Cons: Is it weird to carry a men's bag? Is it too masculine?

    Idylle Ballade PM - Pros: VERY lightweight and comfortable. Cons: Worry about durability and does it look (dare I say it) a tad cheap given the price tag
  2. Are you sure you want to part with the Tevoli? The three are very different bags. Do you want open top or zip? My favorite is the Tevoli but my second would be the Avalon. I do also like the Mick PM and would consider it a unisex bag~ I think a man or woman could rock it!
  3. i like Idylle Ballade PM the best but i agree with you, it does look less expensive than it really is.
  4. Absolutely. I never use it. I think it is really pretty but it kind of gets overshadowed by my other bags. There is really no occasion for me to use ever use the Tivoli.

    Here's what I have in my collection:

    Infini Citadine PM
    Yellow Kusama Speedy
    Mono Popincourt Haut
    Mono Neverfull MM
    Mono Favorite MM
    Mono Pochette Accessories
    Mono Keepall
    Wilshire Blvd - Pomme
    Azur Speedy 30
    Verona MM
    Bloomsbury GM
    Noir Madeleine GM
    Cassis Speedy 30
    Cyan Alma PM
    MC Kate clutch
    Antigua MM

    Chanels: Beige Half Moon Accordion SHW, Clair Beige GST SHW, Black jumbo caviar double flap GHW, red lambskin WOC SHW and black caviar timeless clutch SHW.
  5. Mick pm I think it is very functional and I love that slouchy crossbody look. I have to go see for myself but there is a thread in the clubhouse. And no I don't think it looks weird to wear graphite. Why it is just black and grey. Good luck
  6. If you want the mick don't focus on masc/femme :smile: some guys wear bags on the woman's side and some women wear bags that are on the men's side. And as long as you rock it and you're happy with it, it will look fantastic on you :smile:! I personally love monogram vernis so I'm a little biased on this one. I don't care for monogram idylle and it feels like you can't justify the price tag so I would avoid that one. The other two are very beautiful though
  7. Wow, look at your collection! You need to post a collection pic!

    I say vernis alma... LOL.

    But seriously, I voted for the Avalon... But only buy it if you heart is really in it. There is nothing worse than buying a bag, using it a few times, deciding its not "you" then losing on resale... Its better to buy something that makes your heart skip a beat when you see it, and is practical/fits into your lifestyle.

  8. Ahh - thank you! You make such a good point. I have thought about just getting a gift card and saving up/waiting for something I really want. I keep going back and forth. I have a hard time with waiting. As soon as I received a vintage piece that I finally found, I will post pictures. It is on it's way from Australia.
  9. The mick is cute. Very casual or travel as you said. I would just get gift card. You really don't sound crazy about any of the 3. JMO
  10. I agree with that. Probably better invest in a SLG or a scarf when you are not really in love with one of those bags. You already have a great collection!