Help me pick a nail color!

  1. I am known for wearing red nail polish on my nails (and toes!) 365 days of the year.. Should I stick with classic red? (<--that's what color my toes are now) .. or should I go with this pretty burgundy called bogota blackberry. The reason I like the second one is I like the black nail polish trend, but Pittsburgh isn't too in on trends so I'll stick out like a sore thumb. I think this burgundy is a good twist on the trend. Which one do you like?
    Picture 061.jpg Picture 060.jpg Picture 062.jpg
  2. I wore a color very similar for looked like the color of rubies (to me)
    I like the color you have posted alot...another good one by OPI is Im not really a waitress...still reddish burgandy.
  3. I've seen 'I'm not really a waitress' and I like it! I like all reds I guess, but I usually just stick with the classic matte red. :lol:
  4. Branch out will love seeing a new color on your hands!!!
  5. Alright, thanks Sunshine! I needed a push!
  6. I like the orangy one (San Juan I think the pic said) because its just really bright and happy!
  7. I think the burgundy is a nice color for fall but I'm not ready to give up the summer yet so I would stick with the red. Or if you're feeling really racy try a hot pink!
  8. i vote go for the burgundy! :yes:
  9. go for the burgandy
  10. I say go for bogota blackberry it looks beautiful! It's real similar to a shade I use.
  11. I just ordered some of this today:

    Rescue Beauty Lounge

    I saw a little blurb about it in the September Vogue magazine next to Chanel's Black Satin.
  12. Chanel's classic red is gorgeous if you decide to stick to reds. I only wear color on my toes, with the exception of Xmas when I wear red or burgundy (depending on my New Years Eve outfit)
  13. I like them both! I would have called the metallic-toned burgundy a more "classic" color than the bright red: it's more subdued and business-like.

    I'd pick the brighter red for myself. I like colors that pop. In addition, the burgundy is more of a fall color, so I'd save it and enjoy my silly/happy summer colors while I still can.
  14. im with sunshine, branch out! change is good in this case.
  15. Bogata Blackberry! I have a similar one on and its gorgeous!