help me pick a MJ bag

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  1. Ok it's time for me to get a new bag. I've had my Lil Ukita for 6 years and have worn that and a nappy bag in that time with a few other cheapies.

    Anyway most of my bags lately have been with a long strap (crossbody) but worn as a shoulder bag.

    Here are the 2 that I really like at the moment. The bags need to fit my wallet, pouch, keys, phone, a nappy, wipes and at least 2 water bottles for the kids.

    1. The 'Washed Up - Nash' Crossbody Bag


    2. What's The T Tote - I'm a little worried how this will sit as a shoulder bag as I'm not the skinnies of people and don't want it to bulge out or not fit over my shoulder :lol:

  2. They are so different- but it seems like the Washed up -Nash bag is too small for your needs. It's adorable though! What about a Fran?
  3. I think the What the T tote would better suit your needs :]
    But I agree with iluvbagsnshoes, have you checked out the Fran or Francesca?