help me pick a mike & chris jacket


which style jacket por moi (?)

  1. jesse

  2. dylan

  3. maxwell

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  1. ACK, i absolutely, positively, must own one of these jackets :drool:...only i don't know which size or style to get (?) :confused1:...i'm usually a size 2-4 & am a 34B (borderline C)...whaddayouthink ladies, should i order a small or medium for me (?) :shrugs:...and which style would be best, the jesse, the dylan or the maxwell (?)...i wanna be able to zip it up over the boobage (lol!!!) :p

  2. Hey girl! How have you been? :heart:

    I just ordered the Dylan. I'm usually between a size 0-2, but the Dylan in an XS was a bit snug on me.. :sad:

    I love the jacket so much that I am going to try to sell the XS, and get the S instead.

    I would suggest going one size up from your usual...

    Hope that helps!
  3. ^^ oh noooooooooooooo, i'm sorry yours doesn't fit right sweetie :sad:...sounds like i'd better get the medium to be safe...i definitely don't want it to be so snug i can't fit anything underneath it or zip it up :girlsigh:
  4. You see... this is why buying handbags is so safe... My Black First "fits" perfectly! :roflmfao:
  5. ^^ lol, that's true most of the time girl!!! :roflmfao:...however, there was that one time i ordered this from "bluefly" & to my surprise, could fit inside it!!! :sweatdrop:...i failed to notice the word "extra" next the the word "large" in the description, along with the dimensions below :p...i swear, i thought the bag was gonna eat me!!! :wtf:

    • 23'' - 27'' adjustable shoulder strap with 15''- 17'' drop
    • Canvas lining with interior zip pocket
    • 21'' at widest x 16'' tall at center x 9½'' deep

  6. I voted for Dylan, I'm biased as I have one in black but I just love the classic styling on this style. The leather is delicious on mine and I always get compliments on it!
  7. ^^ thanks girlie, i've just ordered the dylan, size medium, in cognac :wlae:...but i'm already thinking about getting another style too :graucho:...what size did you buy yours in & do you think the cognac leather will be stiffer than black (?) :shrugs:
  8. You know I ordered it first in cognac, an XS, and the leather was delicious, soft as can be, I returned it because in the end I wanted something darker, and black of course fit the bill. Mine is XS, but they are cut small and sometimes during that 'time of the month' when I've worn it, I feel like I am busting out as I am a 32C so I definitely think you made the right choice.

    I'd love another one but in grey.....I can just see my DH rolling his eyes!LOL!!!
  9. I'd get the Jessie...
  10. ^^ thanks Gia, maybe that will be my next one!!! ;), c'mon ladies, there have been over 80 views, but only 7 or 8 votes?!?!...i know alot of you out there have these jackets...i'd love to hear what your experiences with them have been :wlae:
  11. I voted for the Dylan. I love the cut, and the leather is unbelievable! I have the LE one they did for Ron Herman, which is less fitted. I had to get a large and I'm usually a medium in jackets. You're going to love the Dylan, and the Cognac color is gorgeous!
  12. i wish i could afford one of these jackets! ever since i first saw them, it was love. :sad:
  13. 1st pick: Jesse since it has more detail & love the sleeve
    2nd: Dylan

    I have Black Maxwell and honestly they fit kind of boxy & run a bit big (at least on me). I'm a true sz 0 and XS still a little roomy

    - P
  14. I love the dylan the most and especially in the Cognac color. I was actually contemplating on getting it from FFF the other day. As for sizing you could check this out because they posted the measurements of each jacket, so maybe that would help? . If you do get it then post pics!!!:smile::smile:
  15. I love all 3. I'd recommend the Jesse though. I just love the detailing. The sleeves are a little long though. I have the small and I'm a size 0-2 and 34C, and it's snug but fits. I could probably go with a medium too, though. I see you got the Dylan, which is such an amazing jacket (and better value, to be honest), but maybe you can swing a Jesse next! congrats!