Help me pick a LV wallet (new to the board) . . .

  1. Hi, I'm new to the board, I just bought the Monogram Alexandra wallet, but I'm not convinced I love it.

    This is my small collection below, I need to get a new agenda soon too. What would be a good addition to my collection?

    I want to add a Vernis Pomme D'Amour piece soon, whether it be a wallet, agenda, the Reade PM, or Bedford.

    My options are:

    1) Keep Alexandra or get one of the following
    2) Vernis Pomme Koala
    3) White Multicolore Koala

    1) Pomme Small Agenda
    2) White Multicolore Agenda

  2. gorgeous collection!! I like to try everything on in the could just hold something and fall in love :love:
  3. I ended up with both koalas...


    But if I HAD to pick.... hmmmm... argh. I can't!
  4. looks like you need some multicolore!!!
    i see you like jasmines!!
  5. Nice collection!!! Welcome to tPF! ;)

    Since you're not convinced that you love the Alexandra, I'd get the Pomme Koala wallet.
  6. Thanks for the responses! Is the back of the Koala big enough to hold a decent amount of change though?
  7. It is not on your list but I LOVE the Engenie wallet.
  8. wow! love your collection.

    voting the pomme koala. and my pic of wallets for your reference
  9. Amazing collection. Those Jasmins are HOT! Wow. Again, wow! My thoughts: Koala in MC and agenda in Pomme.
  10. I can fit plenty of change in the zip pocket but I am careful to never overstuff it.
  11. Mine is Eugenie at last. After I saw the other threads "....pick Eugenie or Alexandra"...but Eugenie is not on your list