Help me pick a leather wallet to match!

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Which wallet?

  1. Victorine wallet

    13 vote(s)
  2. Zippy Wallet

    3 vote(s)
  3. Sarah wallet

    5 vote(s)
  1. So I recently purchased the ponthieu in color vison and love it! Gorgeous neutral. Now my SA said the color is a limited color and once the wallets are gone they may not be back! He sent me a few photos of available matching wallets. The Victorine he had in store, so that is pictured in real life, the other two he sent me pics of on computer. Any thoughts? Positive or negative experiences with these? Which would you choose?
    Victorine in 700, zippy I think was around 1000, and Sarah wallet around 900. Would love to hear experiences and which you would choose!
    293F2362-A6AE-45EA-8CCC-3112BDC165F2.jpeg B0B6C37A-007C-4EEB-95A1-CFEAD4B5C331.jpeg AAC04BA4-5979-492B-ABAF-5ACA44098559.png
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  2. I like the Victorine, but also I think it depends on how much you carry in your wallet. That would determine if you may need the Zippy or Sarah. I don’t carry many cards and just minimal cash, so my preference would be for the Victorine. It’s a lovely piece.
  3. Victorine or Sarah! I feel like EVERYONE (brand that is) has a zippy wallet design. I know a lot of people love that layout, but I prefer snap closures myself. GLD!
  4. Lately I really enjoy having a zip around wallet. I bought the zippy coin purse and the clemence both in November and thoroughly enjoy them. So my vote goes to the zippy wallet. :smile::smile::smile:
  5. I have the Victorine in Black empriente and use it as my daily wallet so definately recommend the Victorine :smile:
  6. I’d say Victorine too.
  7. I own a Sarah in Vernis, it's gorgeous and very easy to use. I'm a fan of zipper wallets usually BUT when you over-stuff the wallets, the zipper can get caught on the bills and make it a frustrating experience when you're trying to pay for anything at a counter.
  8. Victorine hands down. It’s a compact wallet and will fit in any bag and it can fit a lot too.
  9. I think it depends on which wallet type you prefer and what size you want. The victorine fits in every bag, but it is a tri-fold wallet and personally I don’t like that at all. The zippy is very big, but very easy to use. I have no experience with the Sarah.
    Let us know what you decide on!
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  10. Thanks everyone! These are all great points, thank you for sharing! Looks like most love the Victorine! I have ruled out the zippy for me, so between the Sarah and Victorine. I’ll try to go take a look at them and then pick! Thanks again :smile:
  11. I agree. I like the bigger size of the Sarah and that you can put stuff in it without being in card slots only, but I also like the Victorine size for smaller bags that way I don’t have to change out my wallet, which I don’t think I would ever do lol. I need both! Lol!
    The tri fold I think is a little less functional perhaps than the Sarah. Decisions...
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  12. For a big wallet, I would opt for the Sarah wallet. Empriente leather is very soft and card slots are much easier to use!

    I think 1k is absurd for the zippy wallet. I rather pay much more for substantial hardware design like the Metis wallet.
  13. I personally think that color looks best in a small compact wallet, so my vote goes to the Victorine.