Help me pick a Kelly

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  1. Rouge Garance Epsom 32cm with Gold HW (Ridgide) or Rouge H Vache Liegee Leather 35cm with Gold HW (Souple)?

    Want one that I can dress up/down. This will be my first - and probably only Kelly - for a while. Thanks.
  2. This is a tough one. I love both colors. Rough H in Vache Ligee is a great color. Has more brown undertone. It may be a bit big to dress up with, even though the color is more neutral. I wear a rouge H 35 box souple as my everyday bag because it holds a lot. I also like more structured bags even if they are souple. I don't think I would dress up with a 35 though.

    Rigide looks more formal IMO. I love both styles. The 32 rigide may serve its purpose. Rouge G is a gorgeous red.
  3. The 32 is more versatile.
  4. Epsom is a leather that you have to love. So if you haven't seen it in real life I suggest you try to do so.
  5. Thanks. I am leaning towards the 35 VL Rouge H. The only I am looking at is in "Very Good" condition at portero for $6700. Is that a reasonable price?
  6. I read your thread yesterday but had to think about it before I posted a response.

    I would go with the Rouge H.

    For me, I'm not a huge fan of Epsom (I was offered an Epsom Bougeinvillea Birkin 30 but I turned it down).

    I looked at both bags on Portero and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Rouge H bag. It's absolutely stunning! Go for it :biggrin:
  7. Thanks! I am about the pull the trigger on the 35. I am not a fan of Epsom either and the Rouge H is starting to tug at my heart-strings. I am only concerned about condition and price, and whether the less-than-perfect condition is worth the 2K or so discount.
  8. I think Portero has a pretty reasonable return policy, if I'm not mistaken. If you are unhappy with it's condition, you can either return it altogether or try and convince them to give you a partial credit (perhaps refund $1,000 or so to your credit card).
  9. Thanks. This particular one is no-return/final sale. It is a 2006 bag. Does the price seem reasonable?
  10. I got a Rouge Garance Togo 32cm a month ago from Dallas store. It is $9250 pre-tax
  11. Thanks. So this is a 35 and VL - about 10K retail new?
  12. $9250 is Togo 32cm sellier price. I'm not sure which one cost more Rigide or sellier.
  13. VL is the most expensive skin I believe. Go for it. I just love the way colors look in VL.
  14. That is the same thing. The Kelly Rigide changed name to Sellier in 2002/2003...;)