Help me pick a glass frame....

  1. So I am in college and I need a new pair of glasses. I am a asian male. I wear my glasses about 40% of the time, mostly doing homework and sometime to go out. I play college sports so contacts for those.

    But yeah, I really would like to get a new pair of nice glasses and I don't know which frame is the best. I have black hair, wide face, tall nose, about 6 feet tall, 195ish, active, polo-loving, and jean-wearing. My hair is usually about medium length. For some reason, I spend a lot on glasses for no apparent reason (its like a personal fetish) and the current pair I have is Emporio Armani with a dark frame, so anything is fine.

    So I looked at a couple of places and haven't really found anything interesting, so any recommendatons would be AWESOme....


  2. Lindberg all the way. This is just a personal preference but I don't like guys of any age wearing thick frame glasses of any brand name. Of course if they are gay fashion stylist then wearing Prada glasses = :girlsigh::lol:.

    For normal guys, rimless design is best and you will look like a smooth operator, LOL with casual clothes as well. Since you are wide-faced, probably not oval but square lens which is also conveniently more fashionable.