Help me pick a fun pearl bracelet!

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  1. I am up for a new bracelet soon (another business milestone, I celebrate each with a new bracelet!) I have decided I want a fun pearl bracelet, it has to be able to stack with my other bracelets in case the mood strikes! I am not looking for classic/investment, otherwise I would just go to mikimoto and be done with it :biggrin:

    Here is what I have narrowed it down to. What do you all think?? Price is not a factor in any of these, so just vote for the style you like best!

    David Yurman pearl element:

    Ippolita pearl rain:

    Tiffany 10mm (i think this may be too big, but LOVE the pretty script tag!):

    Tiffany 6mm Pearls::

    5. Tiffany pearls by the yard:
    img-thing.jpeg sb627cqprl.jpg Picture 22.jpg Picture 23.jpg Picture 24.jpg
  2. i voted for the pearl by the yard!
  3. I voted for Tiffany's 6mm pearls. I like the Pearls by the Yard too.
  4. I voted for the PBTY. :smile: It seems like the perfect layering piece. I want one too eventually!
  5. I think the 6mm Tiffany pearl bracelet is perfect for stacking!
  6. get one of the mm, and later get a pearl by the yard in yellow gold or rose gold! it'll be so pretty to layer later!
  7. I love the 10mm Tiffany bracelet.
  8. Ippolita is fun, classy, but different!

    Btw, I love that price is not a factor! Congrats on your milestone!
  9. Pbty !!! Amazing
  10. I love the David Yurman one! It's pretty but a little bit different & looks like you can dress it up or down & could layer well too. I love Tiffany just as much as the next girl, and the plain pearl bracelets are pretty but don't thrill me as much as the DY one you posted. Have fun choosing & congrats! :smile:
  11. Just to let you know...I bought the David Yurman bracelet...not with pearls but the same style. It kept opening on me - I constantly had to pull the cords to tighten it. I took it back to NM and they exchanged it for another one, but the same thing happened!

    I ended up exchanging that bracelet for a ring...but the SA acted like I was out of my mind! I even wrote to DY Corporate complaining about the design and the problem with it, but never heard back.

    Just wanted to let you know about that design...
  12. thank you for posting this! when I tried on a different elements last year (the one with pink chalcedony) I was afraid of it coming loose. May I ask how big you wrist is?
  13. the poll is almost split evenly!! so funny :smile:

    keep the votes coming! I think I am leaning towards the Ippolita or PBTY :smile:

    do you think the 10mm tiffany pearls will look "too young" or "costumey" on me? I am 26. I really wish I could take that tag from the 10mm ad put it on the 6mm!!
  14. i do need some yellow or rose gold in my life! hmmm...:graucho:
  15. Wait... PBTY come in rose gold? Have I been living under a rock? I thought they were only in sterling or yellow gold. I might have to bump them up my "Stuff to Get" list!