Help me pick a color!

  1. Okay, 2 weeks ago, I thought spending $800 on a bag is quite crazy...after lurking on this forum... oh well...

    I decided on a Bbag in Work, big enough for my work folders and perhaps a laptop if i want to.

    I almost want to get a black one, but it's a bit underwhelming, and not very exciting.

    I love red colors, but the rouge one is a bit bright for me.

    What other color do you recommend i get? I most likely will wear this with work clothes, black, cream, navy suits.

    Is grenat a dark red? Is it limited edition? sorry, i'm a newbie and i'm clueless.

    Where is the cheapest place to get this bag? Nordies vs honolulu?
  2. hey fayewolf the grenat is a deep red color and it is gorgeous. i also feel it is fairly neutral...there are several pics of some ladies who bought this color for you to look at.
    i'll post a link to one of them in a moment.
    have you seen the blueberry? it's a beautiful color but it may be too bright if you think the rouge is a bit too much.
    the new cement color is also an awesome neutral color - like a beigy grey...
  3. I like the Sapin's a deep green, like olive or khaki green and I think it's a versatile color (more so than say an emerald green or an apple green).

    The grenat is a reddish-brown along the lines of a maroon or burgundy. There is also the Camel color which is like a caramel brown.

    It sounds like Aloha Rag is the way to go since they are not increasing their prices and don't charge tax or shipping. :supacool:
  4. Based on what you told us, I'd say grenat or ink would be your best choices. Both are elegant and yet much more exciting than black, and both are very versatile. If it were me, I'd go with ink.
  5. Is it possible to have Nordstrom price match the aloha rag? I am really scared of this big purchase and i want to be able to exchange to a diff color if i have to.

    Also, what other things I should look out for? I heard abotu veiny leather and I have no clue what that is!!??

    I think i would love grenat or ink. Is it hard to find a work in that color? sorry for all the dumb question!!
  6. Esiders- the one in your avatar, is that a work or a city?

    Is there a chance for the city to fit my laptop: my laptop measures 12x10 (widthxlength)

  7. Both bags in my avatar are work bags...and a 12X10 laptop will fit in there.
  8. If your looking for a neutral color you may want to try Cement. I got the Cement Work a couple of weeks ago and find that it coordinates well with my work clothes.
  9. Cement is a great suggestion! If you don't want black and want a neutral, that's a good pick. I really really liked that color IRL. It's somewhere on my list for myself!

    I'm personally not a fan of grenat, although I'm the minority. It was too blah for me and I just didn't like how it "went" with me.
  10. i would go for blueberry :P love that color
  11. I think grenat would be a great color. Also, ink (if you can find one) or blueberry.
  12. hmmm... did I misread your post? You want a work right? The work costs $1275.00 plus tax :shame:

    As for black being underwhelming, that's what I thought too. I contemplated the bright colors, magenta and apple green. But then I knew I wouldn't wear them much. I ended up narrowing my choices to every day "wearable" colors, which at the time were caramel, black and bordeaux (a deep red wine color). I ended up getting a black city and love it. It has an edge to it, and goes with every color.
  13. EDIT - my computer keeps double posting every thing I post! Sorry guys!