Help me pick a color!

  1. My best friend's birthday is coming up and I'm trying to decide between the two colors below. She's always wanted a pair of CLs but she can't wear most of CLs heels because they're too high (she's had a few heel surgerys) So I found these (on sale too!) and figure they'll be a perfect introductory pair for her. Which color do you guys prefer- teal or bronze? She's a young working professional, so I want her to be able to wear the color to work or out. I think both would work for either but can't make a decision on my own. Help me! Thanks!

  2. Ahhh, that's so nice of you! I wish I had a friend like you. LOL
    I would go with the bronze. I think you can pair them with many different outfits and colors.
    The teal ones go mostly with jeans.
    Good luck with your choice.;)
  3. They both look good but my preference would be the Teal. Please remember that I am only a fella, so what do I know?
  4. LOL you are sooooo funny!!!:yes:
  5. What a lovely friend you are.:flowers: I love both colours but I think the bronze is probably more versatile. :smile:
  6. The teal are stunning..but if you want to go for maximum matchability, then it would be the bronze.
  7. ^ ITA!

    However, if they were for you, I'd say buy both pairs! :biggrin:
  8. Teal for the coming spring... :yes:
  9. i favor the teal
  10. Bronze, she can wear it with so many things...
  11. I like the teal. You can wear it to punch up the volume on alot of work and casual outfits. Bright colors are big for this spring (and from what I hear will continue into fall), but the teal is not too bright.
  12. teal
  13. I love both, but the teal stands out more while the bronze is more versatile.
  14. I say teal!
  15. I love both But I say go with the teal~ it can be dressed up or down!