Help me pick a color please!


Which Balenciaga first bag should I get?

  1. Green Apple

  2. Turquoise

  3. Bubblegum Pink

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  1. So I'm totally in love with the Belciaga first, but I just can't pick a color! Just for some background, this would be more of an everyday bag & I normally just wear jeans & t-shirts but usually w/ a different flare. I would LOVE everyones thoughts! I can only afford one & I'm pushin it with that!
  2. i choose bubblegum pink! pink is my favorite color! the green apple would be a refreshing color as well! they are all great choices!

    ooh after seeing the other colors...i love the pistachio!!
  3. How were you able to find all these colors? I would kill for a 05 Turquoise!!

    (hehe so you can tell what my vote would be..)
  4. YHassan ... all of these colors (sadly) are prior seasons, so you might have a hard time finding any of them (although there is someone on the forum selling the Pink Bubblegum color).

    Also, Balenciaga made the Turquoise in both 2004 and 2005 ... the colors are different (the attached pictures are from You might want to take a look at this site, as it not only lists the prior season colors, but the current and ones coming up for the Fall (the Rouge/Red is particularly nice!).
    2004 Fall-Winter Colors.jpg 2005 Spring Colors.jpg
  5. exactly what I was wondering. Is there a retail store you can get these colors from? I don't want to buy off ebay.
  6. I vote for apple green. It is such a fun color that would look great with jeans and every day wear.
  7. Bubblegum pink!
  8. Good luck to ya hun! Hope this helps in your decission making. You know what I voted for. Let us know your final choice!
  9. Turquoise 2005 hands down :biggrin: I have the city in this color and I LOVE it@!!!
  10. I LOVE the 05 turquoise- I would love to own one myself!!! where are you finding this?
  11. i voted for the green! i don't really like blue bags with jeans, just my opinion though!
  12. Apple Green. Ever since seeing Cristina's Apple Green BBag, I just love that color!!
  13. I heard from Bal NY today and I think they have a metallic pink First in stock right now...not exactly on your list, but it would be a fun color and VERY versatile...cute with jeans, and you can dress it up or down.
  14. i vote turquoise!
  15. Turquoise!! Love that color :smile: