Help me pick a color for the Jypsiere

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Jypsiere colors

  1. BDP, BA or Indigo

  2. Vert olive or veronese

  3. Black

  4. Sienne

  5. Other color not listed

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hello everyone!

    To me different bags look good with certain colors. I will probably bid goodbye to my search for a 30 birkin and would most likely opt for a 34 or 28 Jypsiere. I don't have an H store around and would like to prevent confusion once inside the store (my brain cells somehow goes into a coma once i enter an H store).

    for my original birkin colors i would have picked black with ghw, in phw - any dark blue color (indigo, bdp or ba) , vert veronese or vert olive and sienne.

    since the Jypsiere is a unisex bag i was wondering if the above colors would look like i borrowed it from my DH.

    I will be leaving in a month :yahoo: and will have an H store within walking distance from our hotel :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    i wear mostly dark colors like navy, black, plum, gray and is 99% in dark jeans. my style is smart casual. social life - mostly casual dinners with friends. no major social events like openings etc.

    my current bags are: 34 lindy etoupe ( don't like the color that much); 32 kelly gold & gm3 evelyne in prune. as much as possible would not want to duplicate colors. too many gorgeous H colors.

    thank you very much!!!!
  2. can somebody ask the mods to move this to the main forum? thanks
  3. i'd vote for any of the blues or black.

    i think the jypsiere in any vert will look too army-ish. i think sienne is too close to your prune. i've seen the jypsiere in prune but oddly, although i love prune to bits, it doesn't look right in a jyp.

    i think grey would be lovely too if you don't like black, graphite? ardoise?
  4. thanks Loves! love your comments on colors as always....

    how about a rouge h?
  5. graphite !!
  6. Thank you, Jag for moving this thread to the main forum :biggrin:
  7. any of the dark blue family..... to me this is a very casual bag, and usually we are in our basics like jeans, khakis etc....
    blue will goes well with those.

    no reds, no greens
  8. thanks Verorimo, Robee! Loves said a navy will make it look like a schoolbag hehehe
  9. i go to school again if my mum/or anybody buy me one tsk tsk haaha
  10. haha robee, not me. but i'd love blue jypsiere still hehehe.

    won't black be too masculine for me? like i said, i don't want to make it look like i borrowed it from dh esp if i picked a 34. but i'm hoping a 28 would be enough for me. that way, i won't put in too many things making it heavier either.
  11. black is safe, black is easy, black is classic. Most impt, when u are trying on the colour, u have this heart miss a beat feeling, like u are the most beautiful person around.

    regarding the size, u hv to consider your requirement - things u need to bring out, how the bag looks like when stuff with tons of stuff. I don't find that closure part that friendly for somebody lke me who constantly take tihngs in and out of the bag
  12. hahahahah funny

    bailey it just reminds me of a school bag, guess it is cos i was stuck in a blue pinofore for a good 11 years

    agree with robee, try out several colours if the stores have it and see for yourself if your heart skips a beat :graucho:

    rouge h? i love rouge h but let me have a think, i cannot visualise it in a jyp right now lol
  13. #13 Feb 21, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2010
    actually, robee, black is not my favorite color for a bag. it never is. but i included it because i'll be getting a black bag eventually. and i have to think that black (bag) on black clothes is not morbid but chic hehehe. wonder if they make a black with ghw. wonder if it'll look nice too.

    and right now, it's not about what i want (in terms of color) but what others know about fashion. because usually the thing i want end up not going with my wardrobe after all.

    as for the getting things in & out, i really have to test it out. but it doesn't seem to be that much of a hassle and eventually i'll adapt. i plan to wear it unstrapped and keep my wallet in the zipped compartment. if anything gets taken (my make up bag) then i'll wind up with an ugly face.

    i hope the flap won't be too long on the 34 or the 28.
  14. loves, this might look like a rouge h...



    Attached Files:

  15. hey i thought of these two pics actually. they remind me of prune more than rouge H. i guess no. i still prefer grey or blue.

    hey i know how you look like and there is no way anything you carry will make you look masculine.