Help me pick a color for my wallet!

  1. Hi:smile:

    I have never posted in this section before or purchased anything from this brand. I am thinking about getting this wallet but I am not sure what color to get! Ill post the link to the Linea Pelle website but I will be ordering the wallet from Zappos since I have a gift card, Zappos has the lime, suntan, and sand colors on sale. I would love to get the sand (off white color) but there is no chance I will be able to keep that color clean and nice looking for as long as another color. I like the lime but does anyone know what this color looks like in real life? I do not know if it is a muted lime, or day glow lime lol.

    Thanks for the help, and if anyone has this wallet I would love to see a picture!
  2. Welcome! I think you'll love LP leather. I haven't seen any of the perforated leathers in real life. But I checked the LP and Zappos link and think the lime looks promising - not neonish. Though it is hard to tell colors online... Let us know what you decide!
  3. LPLime5.jpg LPLime.jpg LPLime3.jpg
  4. Carmelita - Did you purchase the Alex braided wallet from Hautelook?
  5. thanks for the pictures! I think I will probably go for the lime, The suntan is nice too but I like some color for my wallets:smile: I will post pictures once i finaly decide and get it in the mail! lol I actualy think the lime is about the same color my bedroom was in high school, but probably less bright than my room was..which was pretty bright lime green:p
  6. Louiebabeee - that lime looks like such a fun color; I'd smile everytime I looked at it...

    cathead87 - Yes, I ordered the braided wallet in cognaq thanks to your mention. But it looks like deliver will be early January, what a drag...
  7. I was just notified that my order has shipped...hopefully, your order is right behind it. ;)
  8. Yes, shipped today. Hooray!