help me pick a color for my first Bbag

  1. I am going to get a city. i want a bag that reminds me of the ocean when i'm in cancun or oahu (that light seablue/green color)

    i think that ’04 f/w turquoise or ’07 pre spring vert d’eau would be good choices. are there any other colors that would match what i want??

    what color would you pick?

    then....where do i get one (like, the 04 since it is past season)

    thanks :biggrin:
  2. Hey I'll be going to Cancun in two weeks so it'll be the perfect time to take my new old 04 Turquoise City!!

    My vote goes to the 04 Turquoise, but only because I haven't seen the 07 Vert Deau color in person yet and also because I love the old leather. I also prefer older bags that are pre-owned, since they are already broken in (I then do a full spa treatment once they are in my hands!). I got mine on eBay, and I believe there is another one still there....

    Good luck!
  3. I would go for Aqua (easier to find) if you can't find the 04 turq. As far as the past season, they do pop up occassionly on eBay. My first bbag was a magenta (on a impulse buy). I always recommend black because it goes with everything! Good luck, you will get all kinds of great advice here! :yes:
  4. what are the left and right colors on this swatch?

    oh, and the ones on eBay are a little high for my taste. i don't want to go over $900 for a used.
    what color.jpg
  5. I am going to take wild guesses here and guess 04 Turquoise/ Seafoam left and 05 Turquoise right.

    The options to find these bags are either eBay (or similar pre-owned bag seller, RealDealCollections, Ann's Fabulous finds etc), or new off the shelf. I highly doubt you could find an 04 Turquoise/ Seafoam or 05 Turquoise for $900, but I really hope that you do!

    I wish you well,