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  1. Well guess what people, after waiting 2 years on the forum I'm finally getting my 1st piece of hermes, for my 18th gift to myself lol! (with the aid of the wonderful GF) So anyway the next bit it deciding on the color! I'm getting just a simple polished pall. buckle and I know i want one side black to match my outfit so i have that side picked out. Now on the reverse I have three ideas (i know they are pretty boring but i need classics.) now originally i wanted orange (and it is one on my new fav colors and it is sooo H) but it wont match a whole lot of outfits so im thinking against it, and picking a more versatile color. Then i decided on chocolate, classic brown-black reversible belt are a staple and there is almost no outfit they wont match. but will that be a good or bad thing? If my belt matches all my outfits i don't want it to be the ONLY belt i wear and everyone knowing me as the H belt boy lol (yeah I'm a guy if you don't know already.) But then i noticed all the goss on gold on tPF and saw these pics of Kelly Rowland and am totally in love with the look of Gold with jeans and white pants (esp. with the white stitching) but is it a versatile color for guys? (Sorry for the long post, as an H virgin I need all the help i can get!) btw: it will most likely be box on one side (black) and since that has water issues if i wearing the belt and it rains do i have to cover it or protect it so it wont blister? (i can so imagine me taking my belt of in the middle of the street and shoving it in my bag while my pants fall lol, is this what H does to y'all?)
  2. I think chocolate would be great and I LOVE the color.... However, I personally think the chocolate color looks better with gold hardware.

    I voted for the gold color since it's a lighter color, would look amazing with pall hardware..and....and... that's pretty much the color combo that I WANT...

  3. OOPS!!!! I totally forgot the pics of Kelly lol her they are:

    p.s. all other pics of the above colors (or suggestions) are welcomed
  4. chocolate is more versatile IMO.
  5. Giasou Venetiakim, (im Greek lol) Theres the thing, i went to the H store yesterday (god i could spend years in there its heavenly) I always thought go the chocolate brown its so versatile, but after seeing gold IRL and these pics i was in LOVE! but then again could i fall out of love so easily? As stupid as it sounds my head says chocolate but my heart says Gold lol.
  6. Chocolate is my suggestion. The gold is beautiful too.
  7. I have it in black and gold. Love it. Then I ran out and bought one in ebene to fill that dark brown gap in my wardrobe. I bought the black and gold figuring the black for winter and the gold for summer. Oh heck, Manolo! I'm no help. I'll tell you either one is fine.
  8. I'll forgive you HG, (but only THIS time lol) because you were the first to show me the ropes and give me the initial info to enable to get me hooked on Hermes.
    btw. If i get a second belt (in a few years time) which would be a colour easier to obtain? i.e. Gold W/ orange or Chocolate W/ orange
  9. ^Thanks, Manolo! My store usually carries dark on one side and light on the other, and my store will not SO belts. Ask if your store can. Other stores allow it, but not NYC. If they do, then availability will not be an issue. I say for your next belt, get the color you didn't get this time around to go with the orange. If you get gold now, get the chocolate later, and vice versa.
  10. gold would be my vote and don't worry about being seen in 'that ol' H belt again' It is better (imVho) to wear the same expensive classy thing over and over again rather than a range of cheaper things. The French seem to have this down to a fine art, they have a few expensive classic things that fit them perfectly and are proud to be seen in them many times, if only I could be that disciplined LOL. PS I believe you can change the buckle so perhaps you could explore the possibility of an alternative buckle to ring the changes.
  11. I am not sure if you can get just an alternative buckle for an H belt. When I bought my mini Constance this year, I was told (in NYC and Paris) I could not get just another buckle but had to buy another belt. I was happy to get another belt because I wanted more colors.
    My first is black/rouge H with palladium buckle, and my second is blaclk/gold with gold buckle. I use these belts a lot and switch the buckles around. The gold is fantastic with white jeans. My vote is black/gold for your first belt, then later get the chocolate in a second belt with a different buckle maybe?

  12. I so totally agree with this comment!

    For the belt, I'd suggest orange/chocolate combination; gold/black combination next time. The former sounds alot more fun, and the latter more conservative.
  13. I'd go Gold/Black with Palladium H/W for now, then Chocolate/Black with Gold H/W later.
  14. Same...have black/ want ebene...
  15. I'd get gold because then you'll have one side more casual and one side more dressy. Plus I LOVE gold!!!!