help me pick a coin purse

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which coin purse should i keep?

  1. pale pink

  2. cornflower

  3. lilac

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. i need help. i can't decide on which coin purse to keep.
    there's pale pink, cornflower, and lilac.
    these are so cute and suprisingly they aren't that small.
    look how much i can fit. i can use it for my video ipod too.
    i was surprised that it's bigger than my LV wapity.

    so, what do you all think?
    coinbags.jpg palepink.jpg cornflower.jpg lilac.jpg coincontents1.jpg coincontents2.jpg withipod.jpg withwapity.jpg
  2. Oh gosh, its a toss between the cornflower and the lilac, but I think Im going to have to say cornflower. The color is so pretty it really pops!
  3. Being I received the cornflower today I need to go w/ that. The color is just amazing.
  4. oh my, it's hard between the cornflower and lilac...
    btw, i have the same carnet too :P it's sooo cute

    ok, i say LILAC :yahoo:
  5. i vote cornflower, but they're all gorgeous!
  6. I pick cornflower! The pale pink looks like calcaire, it's actually quite pretty :love: but I loooove the pop of cornflower so I'll have to choose that one :yes:

    btw esile, don't you just love the coin purse? It's big enough as a clutch too... I use it everyday as my wallet, but when need arises, I can drop my cell phone in (and my cell phone isn't that small - sony ericsson P910i) & some keys and use it as a clutch. Though I also just got a wapity and love it also because of its depth -- great for fitting bulkier things in like my lotion, eye drops, etc for everyday, and also great for a clutch when running errands. *sigh* now I can't figure out what to use my new balenciaga shoulder clutch for LOL
  7. thanks for all the votes so far.

    hatikuh, i was thinking that the pink looks alot like calcaire. i don't think my pics did it justice.

    zj, congrats on your cornflower!

    seahorse, i love the carnet too! i went a bit overboard on LV multicolore accessories. i must have spent over $2000 in a week. it really adds up. i'm feeling guilty and can't keep all these coin purses. i'll have to sell the 2 that i don't keep.
  8. I voted for cornflower. It pops out of the pictures & is probably best in that it will not show dirt as much as lighter colors would). It is such a pretty color for a coin purse (plus I just saw z&j's and hers is so pretty). Second choice would be lilac.
  9. I agree Cornflower, it's just such a pretty blue!

    I wish you well,

  10. I vote the cornflower! the color is just so :love:
  11. I voted cornflower, but I like the lilac also. They are so darn cute!!
  12. my vote goes to the lilac. :biggrin:
  13. Cornflower please stay with esile:girlsigh:
  14. Oh, esile, they are all so pretty, but if I had to choose, I would choose Cornflower. It's such a pretty happy color!:heart:
  15. esile: I also voted cornflower :yahoo: ... but they all looks GORGEOUS ! I would keep them all :wlae: . . . btw: what are the prices for the coin purses ? Are they on sale ? If yes 'where' ?