Help me pick a Classic Flap ... I'm a Chanel novice.

  1. I'm going to a pretty important business related trip in mid-December. I'll be in Amsterdam for a short vacation after that, and I was thinking that I'd like to pick up a Chanel flap bag.

    But I have some questions: PC Hooftstraat is where the Chanel boutique is located, right?

    Do the boutiques normally have flap bags in stock?

    The only Chanel bag is have is a timeless clutch in black lambskin.

    I want a black bag--should I get gold hardware? Should I stick with black lamb, or is black caviar better? I know it's more durable ... what about black patent?

    Thoughts? Recommendations?

  2. [​IMG] Credit: eBay

    I think I want this exact bag ... it's a jumbo classic flap, right?
  3. I have a caviar jumbo and a black patent. I would say in the long run I honestly think the patent will hold up longer for me, but the caviar is extremely durable as well (although mine is white). It's really a matter of personal preference. Some people don't like the new caviar that's less shiny than the old caviar leather that Chanel used to use. I personally love the feeling and luxury of lambskin, but it's not practical for me in terms of durability and longevity.

    The classic flap should be relatively easy to find, especially since you want it in black which is a staple color that's always being produced (unlike red, blue fonce, purple, etc).

    The hardware is also a matter of personal preference. Take a look at your jewelry. If you tend to gravitate more towards yellow gold jewelry, get gold hardware. If most of your jewelry is silver, platinum, or white gold, I would say get the silver hardware. :yes:
  4. Yes, this is definitely the jumbo classic flap in black patent. $1,970 in Hawaii, $2,395 in mainland US. No idea on the price in Europe.

    Here's mine:

    Also comes in navy. :yes:
  5. I would get a classic flap in caviar or patent because of the durability and in silver hardwear because I just prefer it and most mebers here prefer the silver hardwear with their black chanel bags
  6. I think I agree (with all of you!). I think I'll search for patent, but I really want to reward myself with the "boutique" buying experience, so I hope they have something nice.

    Does anyone know the price in Euro? I'll be in the Netherlands ... thanks!

    Maybe it's not worth me buying in Europe with the US dollar so weak?
  7. Is patent a color combo that's widely avail?
  8. ^From what I've heard, it's definitely cheaper to buy from the US. :yes: You can do a charge-send, although yes, you will lose out on the fun of going to the boutique.
  9. I believe Chanel boutiques only ordered the patent black (not patent navy). I have no idea what Europe has in terms of the patent flaps.

    I know that the navy seems to be more popular than the patent black.

    Keep in mind that patent is only seasonal, and is not constantly in production like the black caviar. :yes:
  10. This will be quite an adventure. Thanks so much for all your advice!!
  11. yes, the Amsterdam boutique is in the PC Hooft street. They always have the classic flaps,though with Christmas coming up I've heard they may be running short.

    The price of the jumbo caviar is now about 1910 euros...I still got mine for 1650 euros in May,it sucks.

    I love my caviar jumbo and it is extremely resilient. Mine still looks new and I've used it to death. I also adore the washed caviar flap...soft and gorgeous,but I think it may be sold out.

    The boutique is a lot of fun though...great service,do go!!
  12. I was told Chanel bs in continental Europe did not order any patent bag(with the exception of the secret label patent that with the huge logo underneath the bag from the cruise collection) but sometimes the say things like that because they want you to get stuff from their stock and not have them order them from another Chanel/b!
    Concerning shopping Chanel in Europe I 'd suggest you get the exchange you are going to use on your trip as soon as possible cause Euro is getting higher by day!!(FYI a month ago you would have paid eg $1400 to get 1000 EUROS while now you need to pay $1500 for the same ammount of EUROS and who knows haow mucn in $$ it will cost when you get there!)
  13. oops post slipped !lol! just to add that with the tax refund you'll get rfunded about 14-16% off your purchases(which should be I think at least 100Euros from a shop,of course C bags cost 15 times that but just in case you buy some other little goodies from elsewhere!)
    ASK FOR THE TAX-FREE FORM TO COMPLETE IN ANY SHOP YOU BUY SOMETHING FROM AND GET THE REFUND FROM THE SAME CITY-they will advice you from where-rather than the airport where you can carry the bag and avoid extra taxes;)!Good luck and keep us posted!:yes: Amsterdam is a unique city and Chanel b there seems to get everything!:tup:
  14. i can't advice much on what leather you should be cause I'm a lambskin lover :heart:lol so I'm partial just get what you think you love the best or make more use out of it:yes:
    BTW the med/large lambskin classic is 1690 Euros and black is always in!;)
  15. "you should buy" I wanted to say above :noggin:lol !