Help me pick a Chloe!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have decided that I definitely want to get a Chloe bag. But I can't decide between these 4 styles. So I need your input! I will need to use this bag for school, but I don't need to carry all my text books with me. But I will need to carry a notebook, diary, pencil case, and some notes. I'd also like to be able to carry the bag on my arm and shoulder.

    The large Paddington


    I'm not sure if the large paddy is big enough. The dimensions sound good (16X9X8). Do you think it meets my requirements?

    Large Paddington Tote




    Paddington Tote (large leather paddington?)


    Thanks ladies!:flowers:
  2. I say the large paddington..
  3. Oh boy it's hard to choose, isn't it ? :sweatdrop:

    I vote for large paddington (1.) or edith!

    Large paddington is definitely big enough for your needs, you can even fit some books there I think but I'm not sure how the shape looks then..? The picture & measurements you mentioned arent for for large paddy as it's bigger, I took measurements from mine and it's about L 19 x W 10 x H 8 (the height is quite difficult to measure as it's sooo soft ant flat!) :rolleyes:
    But honestly I think edith might be best shape for school..? They're all lovely! :love:
  4. I vote Edith or Large Paddington Tote (second one.) However the large tote may be a bit heavy.
  5. All of your options are nice. If I had to choose I would choose the large paddington. Remember that with the Edith you won't be able to carry it over your shoulder. Even if you have small arms it will fit funny. HTHT!
  6. Another vote for the large paddy! It will suit your needs very well!
  7. IMO, I don't think you can carry a notebook in the large paddy. I would go with the Paddy Tote. It will go over your shoulder. The large tote probably won't. The edith would work, but it won't go over your shoulder comfortably.
  8. I just saw a woman last week carrying the paddington tote (the last bag shown) in chocolate, and it was gorgeous! and the size looked good for carrying notebooks, etc. She was wearing it over her shoulder with room to spare, so I think it would be comfortable to carry in that way.

    They're all beautiful, though! good luck!
  9. Really Elongreach?? I was almost convinced about the large paddy and now I'm not sure. I like the large paddy because I can also use it when I'm not in school.

    I'm going to have to measure all my books when I start class next week and see if it will work.
  10. You're not carrying your books in the bag right? Just the notebook? I'm think if you downsized from a normal sized notebook to a smaller notebook, it would work. Otherwise, I myself, don't see it. Has anyone else used a large paddy for a school bag?

    It wouldn't be my first choice for school bags. But maybe you can go to the store and put everything you're going to use for the day in the bag and see if it works. You don't have to buy it there, just try any large paddy out. If everything fits, proceed and find the one you want.
  11. Holt Renfrew only had the medium paddy the last time I went in, otherwise I would totally do that. But they were renovating their accessories department so maybe a bigger selection will come in when they are done.
  12. You could fit a notebook in the large paddington. The only thing is, would you want to? The paddington is already heavy and to use it as a backpack would be ill would end up weighing too much. A regular medium paddington is 3.2lbs with nothing in it. A large paddington is probably 4lbs and that's before you put your school books into it...
  13. lordguinny, that's what I was trying to say, but maybe not as beautifully as you. I wouldn't want to by lugging around my paddy all day filled with school supplies.
  14. Wouldn't the 2 totes be even worse?

    Maybe I'll go with the Edith then for now and save up for another smaller bag next summer. Would you carry an Edith to a restaurant or a lounge or is it too work orientated?

    Thanks for all the input btw, I wish we had a Chloe store in Toronto but your input is really helping me out!
  15. I would carry an edith around casually. But if you love the large paddy. I would be buying it. I work my life around the bag. You can always carry the notebook. It's not like it's heavy.