Help Me Pick a Chanel Flap Please!!

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  1. Hi Ladies...

    I do not own a Chanel flap as of now. I have many bags and other goodies from Chanel, however I have just kept putting off purchasing a flap bag. Now that I hear about this insanity of continuous price increases, I have this sense of urgency to finally go for it.

    Can you ladies please recommend which 2 flaps you would go with if you did not own any? I have always loved the m/l lamb with gold hardware. I would also like a jumbo to add to my collection but I don't think I would like any bright colors. I would like to stay in the black, beige, white family but not sure about Lamb vs. Cavier, GHW vs. SHW.

    Any opinions would be much appreciated. I feel so overwhelmed with all the possible options! Thank you!! :biggrin:
  2. my first Chanel purse was Jumbo in Black caviar... trust me it never go wrong! GL
  3. I think it depends on your figure and frame, as well as needs? What would you use it for, evening or everyday? If you are the sort who carries very little around or if you want something for evenings, then the m/l flap is for you. I'm personally looking to add a m/l to my collection soon as 1) I'm petite and the current jumbo looks way off on me 2) it THE Classic Chanel after all!

    I currently own a vintage lambskin jumbo. I find that it looks less "boxy" compared to the current Jumbo and much classier. You need to try it out to see if Jumbo works for you. For strange reasons, vintage Jumbo works better on me. It certainly fits in much, much more things than the m/l so it is fantastic for everyday use.

    For caviar vs lambskin, I find that it is again a matter of your frame, skintone as well as the colour of the flap you chose. I nearly bought a beige jumbo caviar last Fri, but it just looks off against my frame as a whole. The current 10A Red caviar jumbo, however, stood better on me. The caviar on the current red and grey flaps also look more luxurious compared to the beige and black.

    The easiest way would be for you to try on different designs and colours in a Chanel shop. Good luck and we hope to see your reveal soon!
  4. My two ideal flaps would be a jumbo in beige w/ gold hw and a m/l black lambskin with silver hw.

    I currently have the black caviar w/ silver hw which i love
  5. Thank you both for your suggestions!

    sjx: what color hardware did you choose for your jumbo?

    love_miu: I think for the flap, I am looking for something that can go from day to night use. For day, I have a black Caviar Medallion Tote, and I also have another black lambskin Chanel with Silver hardware (i don't know the exact name of the style) but it is more of a casual look. For night I have the Classic Clutch in Black Caviar.

    My frame is 5'5 115 pounds. My skin tone is light/medium with olive undertones. I have tried on several different sizes/colors and I also feel that the jumbo feels a bit "off" and the m/l feels a lot more comfortable. Few days ago i tried the m/l in caviar with SHW and they were sold out of what I wanted to see which is m/l lamb GHW.

    Do you know if lamb or caviar is considered the "classic" skin for the flap bag?

    Thanks again for your opinions!
  6. thebagqueen: your 2 ideals are very close to what I was thinking about as well. I was just worried the beige claire would get dirty. Not sure if anyone has problems with this color.

    What size do you currently have?
  7. silver;)
  8. same here! my first was Jumbo reissue in black but lambskin
    -> can't go's timeless

  9. Hi again!

    I'm also very new to Chanel, so I'm not sure which is the "classic" skin for flap bags. However, I am looking to buy a lambskin because it simply looks more luxurious and make me look younger than caviar. Having said that, I'm aware of the potential pitfalls of having a lambskin flap, esp in the beige claire colour you (and I!) wanted. But if you think about it, the fact that caviar and lambskin used to be priced differently really showed the differences in quality of both. The lambskin vintage Chanels always fetch a better price than similar designs in caviar.

    Hope this helps in your decision making somehow ;)

  10. m/l with gold hardware :smile: we're pretty much the same height and frame and I think m/l suits perfectly. gold/silver is up to you!
  11. Mini flap beige with gold hardware - clubbing bag

    and Jumbo flap black with gold hardware - everyday use
    These are my suggestions !! good luck and hope you will choose the best for you
  12. #12 Sep 27, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2010
    Black Jumbo Caviar with GHW or SHW
    Beige M/L Caviar with GHW

    The Black Jumbo is a workhorse and can be worn during the day and casual evenings out. The M/L in beige would be great for special dinners/weddings/etc. If you're worried about getting it dirty...there are products to clean and protect the bags. Try searching regarding cleaning products...there are several great threads regarding this.

    As for me...I still wore my Grey Reissue 227 to a wedding in the evening...though I would not to a black tie event.

    Good-luck and hope you find the Chanel bags that's right for you!
  13. Follow what your heart says.. if you like the look of m/l better than jumbo then i really think you should go with m/l..

    I personally prefer m/l than Jumbo..

    For your first 2 classic flaps, if i were you i would go with:

    Black with GHW and Beige with GHW..

    i am GHW kinda girl.. in my opinion you could never go wrong with GHW..

    I prefer in Caviar.. since i dont have to baby it as much as lambskin..

    Good Luck deciding! :flowers::flowers:
  14. I would go with caviar m/l with GHW
    and a WOC!
  15. Get a black lamb jumbo flap w/shw and beige clair m/l caviar flap w/ghw... those are the two flaps i would get if i were to have only 2! ;)

    p.s I think hardware is depend on your jewerly... i usually wear white gold/silver so most of my bags have shw... witht he exception of beige clair that ahs to be ghw... best combination ever!!!

    HTH & GL