Help me pick a black clutch-- HH Tokyo or Kooba Penelope?

  1. Help me pick!!!

    HH Tokyo Clutch, $132.50


    Kooba Penelope, $295
  2. Both are really cute so I say get the one that holds the most.
  3. I like the Kooba better.
  4. I like the HH Tokyo :smile:
  5. Penelope hands down. Love how Kooba made it so timeless. It's a clutch I see people wearing in a few years and still looking fresh.
  6. I am a HH lover at heart but I do like that Kooba! It is really cute and I agree with mewlicious...looks totally timeless!
  7. I generally have never really liked Kooba for various reasons.....
    in this case it is no exception - I like the style of HH Tokyo better - its more ergonomic - and the curve looks like it makes it easier to hold... so I would go with that.... unless you don't like the brass hardware then go with Kooba
  8. I think I like the HH... wow! It's a toss up for me too!
  9. I like both, but I like the Kooba just a little bit more.
  10. I like the Kooba, you can carry it with the chain strap but you could also remove it or tuck it in and that sleek structured clutch would look fierce!! I'm not digging the exaggerated corners of the HH, it looks like an upside-down bustier or something.
  11. I like the HH best out of those two. Don't have any preference for either brands ;)
  12. The HH Tokyo clutch, it's a lot cuter. The Kooba is too boxy.
  13. kooba penelope
  14. i like the kooba better...
  15. I like the kooba! I almost bought that one in white last year..