Help me pick a black classic

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  1. Hi Ladies, in advance sorry if this question has already been asked. It is a kind of borring question but I have to ask it:graucho:

    I d'love to pick a classic Black shoe (patent would be the best)to go with black pants for work.

    I hesitate with RON RON black patent, Decollete Black Jazz and Simple Black patent 100 mm.

    Which one would you pick?

    Pros and Cons?

    Thank you for your help.
  2. Decollete: Sexiest but not a good fit for some of the ladies here. Has a narrow toe box and steep pitch. My favorite fo the three in terms of looks but a tough one to buy without trying on.

    Simple and Ron Ron: Not nearly as sexy, but I think they are both lovely classics with generous toe boxes and are easy to wear all day without discomfort.

    I have (or have had) all three and if it were me, I would choose the Ron Ron.
  3. Black patent Ron Ron gets my vote. Classic and comfy.
  4. black patent simple gets my vote.... personally i would opt for an 85mm for work but that's just me

    i owned both the decollete and ron ron style and found both the toe boxes a bit narrow.... if you can try on all three styles and see what works best
  5. I just adore the look of the classy Ron Ron and I love the comfort of the Simple. I have not tried a Decollete, but always fear a tight toe box and if I could only pick one style, it would be the Ron Ron.
  6. Beware ! A little lvpiggy may pass to let you know that PIGALLE 120 is her everyday shoe !! heehee loves her :smile:

    I'd go for simple 100 with thick heel or ronron :smile:
  7. I think that simple is most suitable for everyday work shoe. Good luck in your decision
  8. I say Ron Rons. It's the best of both worlds. Comfort and sexiness!
  9. i heart ron rons
  10. I also agree black leather Ron Rons. Perfect for work and play! Good luck with your choice
  11. I find my black patent Ron Rons to be extremely comfortable and sexy for a 100mm heel!
  12. Thank you ladies! So the Ron Ron is the winner. I have a last question about the Ron Ron, does the round toe shape really flatter trousers?
  13. Out of the ones you've suggested my vote goes to the Simple Black patent 100 mm. For that not on the list my vote goes to the Black patent clichy. MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE black shoe!!
  14. I'd go with the decolletes. I'm not sure if you want to double up on style in the future, but ron rons come in some amazing colors.