Help me pick a Birkin for my wife’s birthday!

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  1. If you have a long purchasing history...I assume your wife has picked up a few things in her favorite color? If she wears/uses one all the time, why not base your choice on that? Your SA should be able to help identify that.
  2. I don't understand this thread. I am out.
  3. It certainly has too many non sequiturs

    and is typical of when an OP annoyingly ekes out information that ought to have been clear at the start.
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  4. RP and magnolia are very specific pinks with possible limitations, depending on her wardrobe and job, activities etc.

    It seems you have time so I would take her to the boutique to look around and see what catches her eye. I love pink too (particularly in sweaters etc) but personally, I would not want a birkin in one of these colors especially if it might be my only birkin.
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  5. The one on the right is called what specifically? That is gorgeous!
  6. I think you really should stop taking advantage of the members here.
    am sure you remember what the message was before the editing; your maths not work out again. You should stop taking advantage of the members.
  7. Thank you for all the feedback it looks like Magnolia is what I’ll be going with! Now just deciding between Palladium or Gold hardware. Togo for sure. Will be calling my SA tomorrow to see what’s possible.