Help me pick a Birkin for my wife’s birthday!

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  1. I am just amazed that a Hermes SA admitted that TPF has more information than the SAs themselves! You are very sweet to make sure your wife gets what she loves. I am not much help here because I am not a pink lover myself so don’t know which pinks we have this season but I am sure other more seasoned TPFers will help you with the information. Wishing you all the best!
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  2. Magnolia will be perfect! Rose pourpre is more purplish pink. Perhaps rose azalea could work too. But not sure how many more of those are still in production. Rose Sakura will be available in spring i believe. But that is more of a powder pink. Hope you Sa is able to find you something your wife will love! How much time do you have to figure it out?
  3. I am lovestruck by your magnolia, Greendragon!! I am also smitten with rose pourpre:

  4. I think it is a wonderful gesture
    you have asked advice here because you are aware of there being so many possible colour variants

    However much your wife 'loves pink' unless she just loves pink in all its varieties and has a wardrobe with many variants, the chance of you picking the ideal or perfect one seem slim.
    Assuming your store has one in stock, why don't you find some special way to take your wife there and say, 'I want to buy you this as a special present'.
    OR even better
    Here's another thought, buy her a predominantly pink scarf - so there is the box to unwrap - and say, 'and I've arranged to buy you a bag to go with it.'
    I know that would take away that special moment of you giving her the box to unwrap and all that excitement but hopefully she will be able to choose the pink she would most like.
  5. I especially like the second suggestion, I think it's an excellent idea! :flowers:
  6. Thanks, it's interesting the way ideas refine themselves.
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  7. I believe this is a photo of Magnolia and rose pourpre side by side from another site. Very similar.
    Rose P on left. Magnolia on R.
    197C0375-72BC-46FA-902F-FBB60D1C33A7.jpeg 93E3D75A-0DF8-4C05-B56B-DD26ECB4933C.jpeg
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  9. perhaps he’s lucky. Got two wives
  10. :lol::lol::lol:
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    Yeah, I was reading along trying to think about how I could word my suspicions delicately but now I get to the end and don’t have to. Lol.

    While I think this place is amazingballs and all, I find it hard to believe that a SA would send someone to a third party message board instead of pulling out the leather options if they were that good a client.

    What’s the play here? Research for fakes?
  12. check out rose sakura, it’s a lovely pink!
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    Thank you for all the pictures. Magnolia looks incredible. No motive, other than to buy my lovely wife her first Birkin. 40th birthday is a play on words for her as she is much older but please don’t tell her I said so! (She would be devastated if I gave her real age) however she always tells me as our running joke every year is her 40th wink wink. We have been married for almost 37 years now so cut me some slack please as I like to appease her!

    I know this will take months to source a pink 25cm, that’s why I’m starting now, by the time it’s her birthday this upcomimg September I hopefully should be able to receive one. Yes, I’ve seen the sample squares in the store but it doesn’t compare to seeing the actual color on the bag, as it’s very difficult to picture the bag with just the small sample.