Help me pick a Birkin for my wife’s birthday!

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  1. Hi everyone! Dear husband here looking for your advice and help to buy my lovely wife a 25cm Birkin for her 40th birthday! My wife’s favorite color is pink and I wanted to know all the variations of pink that come in a 25cm and what the prices are for each. She loves a hot pink!

    Standard leather and hardware is typically Togo and Palladium I’m assuming? Not looking to break the bank as I can’t afford anything crazy, base price will do!

    Looking forward to seeing all the responses!

    Dear HusBand
  2. Do you know how you plan to buy a Birkin, e.g. are you planning to buy from resellers or from Hermes boutique?
  3. Hermes Boutique only!
  4. Hey there. Do you have a purchase history with your local boutique? Is this your wife’s first birkin?

    Just asking cause it’s not easy (actually near impossible) to just walk in and buy a birkin, particularly a pink one in 25cm size without a relationship and purchase history with a SA.

    Sorry if this bursts your bubble. I can’t really tell by your first post how much you know about the Hermes “rules”.
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  5. Hi! Yes I have a long purchase history. I do know the entire process. My SA actually told me to come on here because she said the posters here were more on top of things with regards to exact colors and prices than she was! She said the purse forum was a huge worldwide network of enthusiasts who know more than she does and can give me answers faster than she can get! So that’s why I created the thread.
  6. Oh my goodness, didnt expect an SA would say that LOL

    At least your SA is honest and sounds like she appreciates the purse forum!

    Not all SAs are as open as yours, and certainly referring clients to check here!
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  7. Wow good grief is she serious? But any SM/ Leather Manager can tell you exactly what you want know. And allocate the right bag to you too.
  8. I know, right! She was quite busy and I walked in late in the day near closing as my work schedule is tight, I came right off a plane as I’m always traveling. I am very OCD and wanted to see every single possible Pink color for the 25cm Birkin.. she probably didn’t have the time because I am very thorough as I want to make sure it’s perfect for my wife!
  9. I was thinking the same thing, might be time to find a new SA! Anyways can anyone help a husband please! Thank you.
  10. If you already have a long purchase history and you’re free to pick whichever pink you fancy which is in production at the moment (you’re so lucky, congrats!), then can I suggest the colour Magnolia? I was at the boutique picking up my Kelly bracelet two days ago and saw an extremely lucky lady picking up her b25 in Magnolia palladium hardware. It is an amazingly sweet and beautiful pink. For reference, I’ve attached a photo. Have fun deciding! You’re Wife is extremely lucky!

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  11. Wow, stunning. Thank you for your response with a color and picture! Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Do the different pink colors have different prices based on just the color for the 25cm if they are all standard Palladium/Gold hardware and Togo leather?
  12. Yes I think if it’s Togo leather and regardless of the hardware, it should be the same price. Ladies please correct me if I’m wrong! :flowers:
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    Not all colors are available at all times. The pinks that I have either personally seen recently or that have come up in recent reveals are magnolia (as already mentioned above), rose pourpre, rose azalee, and rose extreme.

    The price of the bag does not change based on color alone if the other specs are the same. The difficulty is in acquiring the exact combination that you want. Even if you decide on the perfect pink color, it’s highly dependent on luck as to what your SA is able to obtain and offer you, especially if you’re already set on a togo B25 in PHW. The only way to guarantee you get a bag in the exact desired specs would be through a special order, but that would require an offer from your SA and time for the bag to be crafted (ranging from several months to years). Even then, SOs are limited only to the colors that are offered in those leathers at that time.

    Your SA and SM really would be the best resources in telling you what your possible options would be...they would know better than anyone here what they would be able to potentially offer you.

    Your wife is a lucky woman to have a DH who is willing to take the time to do this for her!

    Edited to add:
    A search in this forum for the various pink names should help you find pictures.

    Also, this is a helpful thread to peruse to see pictures of different pinks.
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  14. This is my magnolia in daylight ...I just pick her up on last weekend .

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