HELP me pick a birkin for my b'day!

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  1. Okay folks, my b'day is coming very soon, and my parents have agreed to buy me a new birkin as a b'day present. I have a friend who lives in Paris and I'm going to go that way to get it. I need help on which birkin to choose. I'm thinking like black chevre 30 cm with gold h/w... how does that sound? I also really want a rouge h chamonix 30 with gold h/w, but I know that might be harder to get. I saw my mum's friend with her 30 cm chevre shocking pink birkin and it was so cute, but I already have a fuchsia chevre kelly, so it's too similar.
    I like 35 cms, but last time I used it for travelling and I put the bag on my shoulder all the time, it felt so heavy, so I think I prefer 30 cm.

    Black box also sounds yummy and it's been on my mind for like forever, but I already have a thalassa blue box calf birkin, and so I want something that's more easier to maintain, like chevre, or swift.. I got to see a swift kelly a couple of days ago and I really like the leather, so smooth..

    What to choose, what to choose... c'mon gimme your ideas.. oh, and it cant be exotics coz my dad can have a heart attack when he sees the bill :P
  2. Black chevre w/gold hw :drool: Congrats! So excited for you!!!:yahoo:
  3. Congratulations! I know you mentioned you liked chamonix for your rouge h, have you considered rouge h in chevre with gold hardware? The color is really rich in chevre.
  4. ^YUM! I LOVE the rouge chevre idea!
  5. Rouge H in Chamonix with Gold HW!!!! YEAH, BABY!!!!!!!
  6. OR Black Chevre with Ruthenium.........(i'm a big Ruthenium girl......)
  7. Oooh Sarah, what a fantastic dilema.
    Black chevre 30 cm with gold h/w gets my vote.

  8. :smile: Hi Shopmom - not to hijack but can you pls tell me about ruthenium? I don't see it anywhere much just gold and palladium. (I have hunted for this info and I can't seem to find it in the reference file) :smile:
  9. Ruthenium is darker than Palladium but still gunmetal color.

    Here's a pic of Ruthenium and Palladium.

  10. How very gorgeous, thank you Shopmom for your help :flowers:

    You're always so generous with your knowledge to the people on this forum,
  11. Thats gorgeous.. no wonder you're a ruthenium girl!!
  12. Sarah, you lucky girl! I would go for the black!
  13. Oh Sarah, you cannot go wrong with blk chevre and I love it w/ GH!! It would be a lovely addition to your amazing collection, :smile: .
  14. sarah, with the recent post by Moviegirl that FSH is raining chocolate, I cannot help but think the mothership is 'clearing' the autumn/winter colours and moving into brighter colours for SS2007. Am I the only one thinking this?

    So, when you visit the mothership, you may be lucky to see a new colour or two? I guess there is no harm asking ...

    For the all time favourite, I too vote for black chevre with gold hardware. I would also not hesitate to grab a raisin box calf with gold hardware too!
  15. I'll go for a Black Chevre with Gold HW. Or do you have any bright red like Vermillion Swift?