Help me pick a b'day gift!!

  1. I know, I know, it's the day after Christmas but my DH has given me the green light to pick a b'day gift at Hermes (my b'day is in late Jan.)

    Because of some recent big purchases in the Tea household, I can't get anything like a Kelly or Bolide right now but something less expensive is doable.

    My problem is that I get "ADD" when I walk into Hermes. I want SOO many different items and combinations of items in there that I can't focus and when I actually get the chance to BUY something substantial (more than just a charm or scarf) I get confused!!! Here are some things I've been hankering after....any advice?

    Here's a little peek into my closet for reference. As of now, I have a Trim, Birkin, a few scarves, twillies and pochettes and some porcelain. No shoes, belts, H evening bags (my only evening bag is a black Louis Vuitton Epi). No bracelets or watches yet. I have one very good watch (Cartier Tank) but nothing casual with a leather strap. I'm currently not craving any H wallets at this time.


    1. Mini Jige in chevre or box?
    2. GM Cape Cod Double Tour watch? (barenia, vert Anis, potiron strap?)
    3. Collier se Chien bracelet + plisse scarf + belt
    4. Garden Party canvas tote pm
    5. Kelly double Tour Bracelet + H belt, Shoes and plisse scarf?

    I just want it ALL!!!! lol!

    Help an addict out?:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  2. what about a JPG kelly clutch since you don't have anything H to carry for evening? just a thought.

    advance happy birthday, am an aquarian too. when's your b-day GT?
  3. GT I know how much you want that Collier se Chien bracelet..but jige is so nice..and I think you were eyeing cape cod, too. (OMG..You DO have ADD...)
    so..I narrow it down to..1 or 2 or 3..:p

    this is so exciting!!!
  4. Love these, but too pricey at this time.

    I need to decide if I LOOOVE the Jige or if I should wait for the JPG clutch. But it would be awhile because I would probably choose a Bolide first. I'm kinid of sick of my LV evening bag, too. UGHHHHH!!!!

    Fesdu, I'm hopelessly ADD at Hermes!
  5. The Cape Cod sounds favorite style!;)
  6. Ooooh gooooosh GT......I don't know what to tell you.....I would say a GP tote...a CDC bracelet.....a watch....I want them all!!!! Good luck though -- while I think a clutch would be great...for my life, there's not much need for that and a tote or something else would be of more use....
  7. ^ I know. I'm going to drive my poor SA nutso when I go in this week!
  8. GT - i sure know what you mean about that ADD . . . i was at mad ave. a couple days after my birthday, bound and determined to buy myself a little pressie. and i wandered around the store for over an hour sighing and trying to decide what to get. scarf? ano cuff? enamel bracelet? bookmark? ulysee? hermie? teacup? ashtray? finally, a couple minutes after closing i bought a necklace i didn't even like just to buy SOMETHING. (i returned it when i realized what i wanted was a gloves clip.)

    so i have no advice whatsoever, but thought i'd let you know you're not alone!
  9. ^ LOL, DQ! That's exactly how I feel - and whay I'm trying to gain some clarity before I walk into H.
  10. Every time I walk into H I forget everything I wanted to look at/ask about! I'm having the same dilemma right now...what to get next??? And it's driving me crazy thinking about the possibilities! :nuts:
    I'd vote for the Jige or the Garden Party...they are both on my "gotta have it someday" list! :yes:
  11. CDC bracelet, belt and plissee scarf.
    You have three MUST HAVE staples for your wardrobe that you will get a lot of mileage from and that are SPECIAL.
    The shoes IMO are not so special, you get more bang for your buck from different brands (CL, MB).
  12. 1/20
  13. none of the above?

    i'd save the smaller purchases for when the budget is smaller, rather than get several of them now. for what you're thinking of spending, what about a belt in ostrich or croc? i suppose the jige, GP and watch would be in the same category of larger purchase, too.
  14. you're right about the shoes. I haven't tried on the CDC bracelet yet. I'm really in trouble if it's comfortable!
  15. Happy B'day GT!

    You said you want it all, so I vote for that.

    My DH insists that Less is More, but I think less is boring.

    My second vote would be a Jige clutch in a TDF color, with a scarf.

    I guess I'm not much help.

    Heck, just get it all.