Help me pick a bag :)

Mar 15, 2011
Hello ladies I'm going on vacation in 2 weeks and I still haven't decide which bag I want please help me chose :smile:

A little background info I hv a m/l black caviar classic flap in SHW but being 5.6" I found the bag a bit small and gave it to my older sister so now I need to buy a bag to replace that. I am a student hopefully becoming a teacher later on so here are my choices

1. Jumbo caviar flap in GHW

2. GST in black caviar GHW and WOC

3. GST in black caviar GHW with LV Alma PM

Thank you ladies for the input :smile:


Oct 24, 2013
GST and WOC! Both are more practical for students (and future teachers). But then again, the m/l and jumbo are iconic chanel pieces so it depends what you want more -- something iconic and probably practical for later or something beautiful and practical (for right now)