Help me pick a bag!!!

  1. Okay, I'm trying to choose one of two bags from three pictures an SA sent me. Can anyone help me?? The bags are two grenat Citys and I tried to describe that I want as smooth leather as possible. The SA told me that one of the bags (the third picture) is a little bit shinier than the other (the first and second pictures). I'm going crazy trying to decide which one to choose. This is my first Bbag so I'm not really an expert! Both look really nice, though the colour of the first bag seems a bit strange, that might just be the camera though. I would like the bag with the thickest leather of the two, but I'm embarrassed to ask the SA since I've been bothering her a bit already!:s

    Both bags are fall 06 grenat. Do you think this will be a versatile color or should I wait for a black??? And do you know which of the pictures shows the "true" grenat? I've never seen it IRL. One of the pictures looks more brownish. It would be fun with some color...I can't decide!! :shrugs:

    Can any of you experts out there help me???
    CityA2.jpg CityA.jpg CityB.jpg
  2. I think I like the first one better because the color seems richer and somehow I like the shine. Tough choice!
  3. I like the first bag too! the color does seem richer as Glimmer pointed out, and has more depth! good luck on ur decision--i'm sure whichever u choose, u will fall in love with it! and don't worry-- ask the SA which has thicker leather! She won't mind another question that takes a couple of seconds to answer! Besides u're paying good money for it! :rolleyes: :love:
  4. I agree - the first one looks the best to me!! :yes: I think the pictures pretty acurately show grenat's color...very rich and deep. Of course, black is the best neutral (but kind of boring IMO :rolleyes:) Good luck, let us know what you choose!
  5. Thank you ladies!!
    I think I'm leaning towards the first as well, but it ain't an easy decision!!
  6. i agree too
  7. Wow, pretty bags! I thought the CityA (and A2) picture's color was better (but it looked shinier to me than the CityB pic, but shiny isn't bad). I think Grenat is a really nice neutral fall color (though I will wear mine year round). You'll be surprised with how much it looks great with.
  8. I like #1 better. The shine can go away if you condition it. OT, but this is why I like to purchase on Ebay because I can often see a lot of pics and see exactly what I'm getting and I don't have to feel bad about bugging/dealing with SAs. But, yeah #1 is gorgeous! I love that color a lot. :yes:
  9. I like the first as well!
  10. i like the A
  11. The first one!!!
  12. That's exactly what I was thinking. The 3rd picture looks washed out to me.
  13. Yes, the first one. Really pretty and vibrant. I personally do not prefer grenat as a color but remember you can always get black any season, and you will get another one, trust us! Grenat looks like it will go beautifully with fall clothes and will transition nicely into spring as well. Go for it!
  14. Yes, the first one is the best....prettier red and I think nicer leather. Good luck!