help me pick a bag!

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  1. So . . .despite my continual refusals, my friend wants to buy me a bag of my choice . . .no price range, but def brand name. He suggested an Hermes bag. So help me pick one! I like Chanel in general, but i'm up for anything.
  2. I love both Hermes and Chanel. What kind of bag are you looking for? A tote, hobo, do you need a zip top, how big? etc etc. Post some more 'requirements' and we'll help you out!
  3. I'm thinking about Chloe . . .i have a LV tote already so i'm thinking a everyday midsize to larger (but not tote) bag. I love the hobo look but i'll go for something a little more structured this time. Thanks!
  4. I do not know much about Chloe bags but if you re-post in the Chloe sub forum, I am sure the girls there will help you out. Best of luck
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