Help me pick a bag!

  1. ok im a 14 year old girl and its my birthday in a few months and id like to recieve a handbag, something that i will keep forever! My budget is around £300 max can stretch to £50 but it means i will only recieve that! I prefer shoulder bags to hand helds, i already have a Louis Vuitton MC alma. I have my eye on the s/s joy tote ( its greycanvas with the pink handles and piping ?) What would you guys reccomend?
  2. it is a very cute bag for a young girl :tup:
  3. that is a really cute bag!! I have a bag in that shape from Gucci, it always looks nice!
  4. i think i will either get that or the LV papillon but im leaning towards the Gucci, has anyone got a pic of that colour canvas?
  5. I love it, the papillon is fun too!
  6. I love that bag. It's my favorite and Pink is lovely :smile:
  7. i think the pink trim tote is so cute. Papillion is fun too but i think you can carry alot more in the tote. great for school and weekends.
  8. Beautiful!!!
  9. agree agree - perfect for a young lady (very sassy) and the pink is a nice tone too. will you buy it or still thinking?
  10. im trying to pursuade my parents!! Usually they dont spend more than £250 but my sister just got a £500 puppy for her birthday and then a siamese kitty because her cat got run over:sad:So im trying wangle them so they will get me the bag and this really cute necklace pearl necklace ( lagos) as a 15th birthday gift. lols!!! i love the gucci becuase it is so girly and reminds me of what elle woods would carry haha
  11. also id need to get on the waitlist as it doesnt come out till march i think and my b'day is in may!! i know its ages away but my mom likes me to think about birthdays a couple of months in advance so if i badly want something, its less likely for it to sell out and she knows she has it!
  12. I love this bag.. it's so cute and pretty
  13. I would get the same bag that you posted pink_swish but with the cream leather trim. So in the future if (and only if, only you'll know your personal taste best) you do grow out of pink or find it hard to match or just find it a bit too girly, it won't be a problem. I find cream to be a 'young' colour whilst still being very transitional through the ages.

    That said if you think you'll still love the pink, go for it. After all it's your money, your choice and your bag. ;)
  14. i have to buy from the UK sadly and they dont have as much as the US gucci!! i havent seen the cream trimmed one?