help me pick a bag for my mother

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  1. after mooching off of my mother for the longest time....:crybaby:
    i'm finally almost done with my masters and..... have a job :yahoo:
    hence, to show my appreciation to her, i would like to buy her a bag.....
    most likely a shoulder bag. has to be able to fit: wallet, reading glasses, sunglasses, little makeup pouch, cellphone, planner, snacks (i know.... its weird) and other small misc. items (ie: scarf).
    this bag cannot be too heavy. also it cannot cost too much because i know she would not accept it since in her eyes, i am still poor (which i am) :smile:
    thanks for the help.
  2. Does it have to be a name brand / designer purse? Or could it be Indie? I have several Indie designers that I love. I don't know a lot about designer purses yet. :shame:

    I've never purchased from this one, but I bookmarked this bag as one of my favorites:

    Fierce Kitten has this great one:

    This is more of a messenger style bag:

    I bought my "Pin Up Girl" purse from Eirene:

    And I've gotten several items from and I love her work.

    I'm sure other members will have designer suggestions. :smile:
  3. Hi melovepurse, what's your budget?

    Can it be vinyl? Oh, and CastoCreations, that FierceKitten Studio bag looks cool :smile:
  4. i was thinking..... around $500?
    more than that, she will not accept and even possibly be mad at me for spending money on her.
    it does not have to be leather.
    as long a it is durable. my mom travels a lot between her business and visiting my sick grandfather.
  5. i think solid color would be best.
    preferably not something that is seasonal.
  6. 8K03_KHA_d2.jpg pBUR-2833614dt.jpg
  7. Rachel Nasvik Oversize Patricia Satchel ravinstyle.jpg
  8. I went through the same thing and decided on a damier alma.
  9. wow girls....
    thanks for the suggestions.
    i will def look at them more carefully. if i still cannot decide, i will post more questions.
  10. What about looking at Furla or the Longchamp leather bags? Those are always a hit with my mom.
  11. [​IMG]
    Michael Kors Brookville Shopper - $298

    BCBG Max Azria - $440 (Also comes in black)
    Cole Haan - $425 (Also comes in black.)

    Cole Haan - $375

    Cole Haan - $325 (Also comes in black.)
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