Help me pick a 2nd LV....

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  1. I ready have the Damier Canvas Speedy 30 and I'm looking to get another LV bag. What should I get? Which LV would you like for your 2nd one??
  2. Hmmm...the Damier Speedy 30 is a tough act to follow...depends on your lifestyle and needs...if you're a student or a mom, you might want to consider the Neverfull's really reliable and roomy...

    My first LV was the Damier Papillon 26 and my second was a Speedy if you're looking for a smaller bag - then the Papillon is classic! HTH! :yes:
  3. How about Galliera? It's a gorgeous bag :yes:
  4. Do you like the denim collection? Pricey, I know - but CUTE!

    Or maybe an Epi Noe or a Petite Noe?
  5. I say go with the Neverfull, I've had the speedy already and I think a neverfull would take it up a notch, you'll love it!
  6. I'd go with something in Epi (perhaps a Petit Noe?) or Monogram (perhaps a Speedy 25 or a Montorgueil).
  7. My 2nd LV bag was the Damier Speedy. How about a shoulder bag in the mono line? Neverfull, Monty, Galliera, BH, BV, tons of choices!
  8. A shoulder bag in Mono or you have a budget?
  9. i'd say either galliera pm or tivoli (personally i prefer pm cuz i don't carry much with me but if you want a BIG bag then palermo gm)
  10. azur speedy 30...:smile:)) I love that bag.
  11. If I had a Damier Speedy, then I would likely want a mono shoulder bag next. If you don't like shoulder bags, then I would choose a mono hand-held bag. If you don't like mono, then I would go with something epi.
  12. Depends. If you prefer shoulder bag I say go for the BH. If another handbag is what you're looking for then I say Tivoli PM!
  13. epi ?
  14. something in azur would be nice..hampstead?
  15. galliera or monty....a shoulder bag next.