Help me pick 2 bags by tomorrow!

  1. I have 2 very specific choices and need some help!

    I can get 2 bags but I can only pick one from A and one from B.

    A: Epi Moka Speedy 30 OR Black Epi Jasmin


    B: Cerises Speedy OR White Multicolore Trouville.

    Which two would you choose? :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  2. White MC trouville and epi black jasmin.
  3. jasmin & trouville
  4. Totally, B: Cerises Speedy OR White Multicolore Trouville.
    Both those bags are so hott!!
  5. The Epi speedy and the white Trouville- I haven't seen the epi speedy but I have seeen the Trouville and it's soooooooooooooo pretty!!
  6. I'd go for the black Epi jasmin and the white MC trouville.
  7. MC and Jasmin.
  8. jasmin and cerises!
  9. I vote for Jasmin and Trouville!
  10. Wow go for the Cerises Speedy or MC Trouville. Those are really gorgeous bags hee hee.

    But Black Epi Jasmin and Cerises Speedy if you can't get both bags from group B.

    Good luck!
  11. Thanks ladies! It seems like more people like the jasmin and trouville combo. =)
  12. My vote is for Jasmin and Cerises speedy -- love the cherries!
  13. Personally, i LOVE epi moka but i think White Multicolore Trouville is more like everyday look.
  14. moka speedy and mc trouville! black epi will be around later!
  15. I'm off to bed! Will check back in the morning! =)