Help me pick 1st Tiffany piece!!


Which one for my 1st Tiffany piece?

  1. Return to Tiffany Round Tag Pendant

  2. Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Ring

  3. 1837 Lock Pendant

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  1. Ok, so I haven't had a very good year... I won't bore you with the details, but basically I've decided I deserve something new! I've always wanted Tiffany, and so I think now's the time! I don't have a lot to spend, and the pieces that stand out to me the most that are in my budget are the following:

    Return to Tiffany Round Tag Pendant

    Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Ring

    Tiffany 1837 Lock Pendant

    I put photos from as attachments... So what do you think?? :graucho:
    roundtag.jpg hearttag.jpg lock.jpg
  2. I really like the round tag pendant.
  3. Get the ring! I have it and love it to death
  4. I say the lock...very elegant and classy.

    I've seen the pendant in person and it's very tiny and delicate...personally too small to be a first piece! And I don't wear rings so I guess I'm biased... :p

    Haha, aren't we you have a vote for each! :biggrin:
  5. I love the ring!
  6. i say round tag pendant!
  7. I'm partial to locks; must be the left over punk in me!
    I have it in gold and I adore it!
  8. Lock. I've always loved it.:yes:
  9. lock!
  10. I say the lock pendant!
  11. LOCK seems like something not a lot of people have, i'd go with that!

    Good luck with your decision! YOu totally deserve a piece of Tiffany!
  12. Lock!
  13. I love the lock! I think it's really nice! The pendant is pretty but feels tiny. Although, it's fun and you can engrave it (I'm a big fan of this!).
  14. Thanks so much for your responses! I'm still having a hard time deciding!!

    Kitsunegrl, I feel the same way about the lock! That's why I liked it!

    And the ring is definitely cute...

    But I love the little round tag too! I am concerned about the size though; the website doesn't indicate how small it is. Can anyone give me a diameter measurement??

    Thanks! :heart:
  15. lock pendant for sure. its cute and simple and not too overrated as just a tag that says tiffany all over it.