Help me pick 1st LV for little sister's bday


Which LV for 14 yr. old?

  1. Mono Speedy 25

  2. Mono Pouchette

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  1. My little sister is turning 14. I know she wants an LV she keeps asking to borrow mine. I think I want to get her the Mono Pouchette or Mono Speedy 25. I can't decide between the tw:huh:r maybe something else? Help please:smile:
  2. both sounds great for a 1st LV! does she carries alot of stuff with her? or is she more shoulder bag or handheld bag?
  3. She doesn't carry much. This bag would be more for non school days etc. I think the Speedy 25 is really cute & it would give her the option of carrying more. But the pouchette she would prob. use more. Sigh i'm still confused.
  4. If I were your sister, I would be super excited! I think that the Speedy 25 is a better choice. The pochette is sooo small and doesn't hold anything at all! Every woman needs a Speedy, IMO - it would be great if you bought her one! You're a great sister!
  5. Pochette!!
  6. i think the 25 is good because it can grow with her and her needs. It's very durable and looks great even after some wear.
  7. I would say pochette, but what about the recital which carries more than a pochette and less than a speedy 25 or do they still make the papillon 19?
  8. Well, I voted for the pochette.. but honestly, I think the speedy 25 is more practical. She would use it over the long haul whereas a pochette can be quite small for most times.
  9. I think the 25 would suit her best.... it's the perfect size for a teenager and she would definitely has use for it as she grows older!
  10. hmmmm. i think she should get the pochette because its cute and holds a lot more than it lets on!
  11. The SPEEDY~!!! Gosh, I feel as if I side with Speedy for everything, but thats because it's a classic, and she'll find more use for it~!
  12. I would say the pochette. The speedy is too much imo. You're a part-time student now, and if you're already buying your 14yo sister a speedy, what will you buy her when you have a full time job?
  13. Pochette now, Speedy a few years later.
  14. I voted pochette for serveral reasons: I would start her out small so that she doesn't get to spoiled. She will appreciate the pochette just as much as the speedy b/c it is from you! I have speedy 25 and although I LOVE them to death, it sometimes kills my arm from the weight.
  15. i think the pochette is cute:tup:
    little cash & you're good to go:smile: