Help me pic the color for VINCE sweater coat please

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  1. Which color would you pick out of these three?
    [​IMG] pics from
  2. I like the grey :smile:
  3. I've got the black and just ADORE it - that's got my vote.
  4. i like the grey or beige.
  5. they are all lovely colors, but my favorite is the beige
  6. i really like the black...2nd choice would be beige.
  7. This would depend a lot on your skin and hair colour, but for me.. i'd definitely go for the gray! (i wear a lot of black too, but the gray is much prettier in this case, IMO)
  8. Love the black, I just got one @ NM in a 'coastal blue' which is almost black-love it !!!!-especially 3/4 wide sleeves ,looks wonderful with black belt.:tup:
  9. I like the grey one. Plus, grey is very in this coming season.
  10. I vote for the grey. Beige is a difficult color to wear unless you're darker skinned and hair. HTH
  11. I vote for the grey--I think it will be more user-friendly in that it won't pick up as much lint as black and will be easier to keep clean than the lighter beige color. Good luck with your decision!
  12. I like the grey!
  13. grey!
  14. I would say gray! I'd wear it to work under my black wool jacket=)
  15. Gray! It's a great fall/winter color.